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Trim Motor Electrical Help

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I need some help trouble shooting my electrical. 

I have a 2005 redfisher with yamaha F90. 

I went to replace my impeller and i couldn't raise the motor.  I charged the battery since it wasn't used for many weeks.

Then all i heard was a click when trying to raise the motor.  I put more charge into batteries then accidentally connected them backwards for a sec.

So then i started checking fuse knowing that i just screwed the pooch.  All console elecs where good but i found one 20A fuse dead in motor.

After changing all 4 fuses in motor just to be safe i am back to the clicking of trim motor. 

All other things seem fine like lights, trim tabs, GPS, starter, bait well pumps,....

Any ideas to trouble shooting the clicking?  Any hidden fuses?   boat is in garage about 99% of the time so it is(was)  in prestine condition.


i have seen some vague descriptions on testing the trim motor by bypassing the relays , but no information on what these relays look like or where they are.


ugh...I found the relay and was able to check voltage on blue and green wired terminal.  Each shows 12v depending on trim switch going up or down. 


So i guess that looks like a bad tilt motor :(

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Will the pump run in the down direction?

I'd try to manually lift the motor, by opening the release valve. Try and cycle it a few times like that, maybe there is an air lock. However from what you describe it sounds like a bad pump, if you have power out of the relays to the pump. But trying manually won't hurt before you go after a new pump.

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Had the same problem before and it was a bad relay. The relay will click, but not allow voltage to pass through. Some motors have two relays, one for up and one for down. If you have two relays, remove the one that clicks and replace it with the other relay. The motor should raise. If that works, you just need a new relay.

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