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On September 18, 2017 at 4:09 PM, fsusteve said:

it's 100% ride and capability, I've had mine 5 years and it still impresses me every trip.

I never understood all the "hype" around the MA17, until I now own one....hard for me to understand why anyone would have sold theirs, unless they are going 80/20 polling...to stalk the flats...

I have rigged mine with three captain chairs....one behind the console and one to right, with one on the console...it's super comfortable and if it get's snotty for two anglers in a quartering seas on the starboard side, the angler can move to the middle and I can adjust the entry with the tabs....unless it's really blowing, you rarely get wet...as well, on my last two trips to Choko, I had a nice 10-15 MPH NE wind and got a good bit of white caps coming home...we ran directly into it at 27-28 mph, which was comfortable...when sitting, I find i don't feel the beating as much as I did with my 22 Pathy, when standing it....

My only negative is the draft...because of the deep V  - it drafts a good 12", not a big deal, just have to be careful where you set it down, if it's mud...you are gona b sucking in a bit and waiting for the tide...

Layout and storage very ample and it handle very nimbly...

It will, I hope, be my last skiff....I only paid $11.5 (thank you again ConOcean for calling me), and I've put about $2K in engine repairs and trailer tires, etc...I stripped the power poles, etc. from the previous skiff, along with electronics and batteries, and she's golden and ready to go for another 5 years (I hope)...she's got the original 1995 engine....which has been running well until last week when i had an oil pump issue...but, not big deal...easy peasy to repair.

I'll be off the water for a few weekends as I want to do some further upgrades and repairs.....so, I'll post some pics soon.




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