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On September 18, 2017 at 4:09 PM, fsusteve said:

it's 100% ride and capability, I've had mine 5 years and it still impresses me every trip.

I never understood all the "hype" around the MA17, until I now own one....hard for me to understand why anyone would have sold theirs, unless they are going 80/20 polling...to stalk the flats...

I have rigged mine with three captain chairs....one behind the console and one to right, with one on the console...it's super comfortable and if it get's snotty for two anglers in a quartering seas on the starboard side, the angler can move to the middle and I can adjust the entry with the tabs....unless it's really blowing, you rarely get wet...as well, on my last two trips to Choko, I had a nice 10-15 MPH NE wind and got a good bit of white caps coming home...we ran directly into it at 27-28 mph, which was comfortable...when sitting, I find i don't feel the beating as much as I did with my 22 Pathy, when standing it....

My only negative is the draft...because of the deep V  - it drafts a good 12", not a big deal, just have to be careful where you set it down, if it's mud...you are gona b sucking in a bit and waiting for the tide...

Layout and storage very ample and it handle very nimbly...

It will, I hope, be my last skiff....I only paid $11.5 (thank you again ConOcean for calling me), and I've put about $2K in engine repairs and trailer tires, etc...I stripped the power poles, etc. from the previous skiff, along with electronics and batteries, and she's golden and ready to go for another 5 years (I hope)...she's got the original 1995 engine....which has been running well until last week when i had an oil pump issue...but, not big deal...easy peasy to repair.

I'll be off the water for a few weekends as I want to do some further upgrades and repairs.....so, I'll post some pics soon.




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1 hour ago, whichwaysup said:

They just get better and better.   Beautiful Pic, Pondfisher.   BTW, I always enjoy reading your reports in the W.central section - been awhile though (nudge, nudge)

Thanks.  That's actually an older pic but I can't seem to figure out how to post vertical pics on this forum anymore! :(

Yeah I've been a little slack on the posts lately.  Have gotten so deep into fly fishing that don't always have post worthy stuff which used to almost always come with bait fishing.  Got plenty of big bluegill and bass on fly pics if you're into that, lol!

Here's a more current pic of the sled.


Maverick @ Ft. Desoto Boat Ramp 2 - horizontal.jpg

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Hah - That would explain it.  You can always tell when I have been flyfishing - Lot's of sunrise and sunset pics . . . not so many fish pics.   The other day, I managed a brand new level of flyfishing misery - a fast tide pulled my extra line down under the boat and wrapped it in my slowly-spinning prop.   While I'm untangling that disaster (up on the poling platform, hanging over), I feel the OTHER end of my line suddenly tighten.  WTH??    Somehow, the other end of the line managed to find my trolling motor, which was on Spotlock and was gobbling up my line as fast as it could.  

It's hell, I tell you.  HELL.   And yet, given the chance, I put down the fish-catching rods and pick up the torture stick.  

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been there. mine used to wrap abound my old skiffs trim tab.

getting poled around... here come the reds... and crap...im stuck on the tab. I quickly learned to cast without so much line out in the ready position...

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