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Poling Platform

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Gents, I have learned a lot on this site over the years and have not participated much in convo. I am the second owner of a 2001 Hewes light tackle which I have owned since 2007. Boat has treated me better than I can even explain. I got a little crazy and started looking for a bigger bay boat for me and the future wife and future kids (getting married in October) and I kept coming back to how much I love my Hewes. So I am doing some upgrades to this boat over the next couple weeks. I never really like the lines on the old Poling platform so I am having a new one build to match the newer factory ones. 


With that said I know some of you on here are traditionalist's and might have a need for my older platform. I am asking 250 OBO. Platform has never been broke and repaired its been very stable. Would need a new powder coating job done on it though. 


If selling of parts is not permitted on here please let me know and I will kindly remove. 


poling 1.jpg

poling 2.jpg

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