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12 weight fly reel suggestion

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Hi all,

  I purchased a biscayne billy baroo 11/12 weight fly rod used, but appears to be brand new.  I wanted to pair it with an affordable (only because  this rod will be used on occasion only) 12 wt reel that would complement the rod.  I'm open to suggestions and why please.

I would like to stay in the max $250 price range (if this cheapens or enhances the rod please tell me) not familiar with this rod company. I do not hunt big game in the back country often....but looking into being able to target large tarpon in 10,000 islands and at bridges etc...

Thx for your input!



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I have an Orvis VO2 VI that's about 10 years old, but has never had a line on it, much less been used!   I had planned to get into chasing large tarpon, but changed my mind after tangling with one our guide said weighed about 175 pounds..... taught me that I'm no longer in need of a fair fight with a fish! 


Anyway, if you're interested, I'd sell it to you for $225.  Keep in mind that it's in Southwest Florida, and I'm not going to be back there until around mid-October.   



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