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Hey DonH - You missed it...like the Good Ol Days

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Well, my regular fishing partner DonH decides he want to go and catch those big girls in the Palm Beach Inlet....you know, the ones the guide keeps in the cages and then goes down with his googles and flippers and hooks them up for Don and his buddy Gary.....so, I call my other good buddy Dan who can take a Friday off...

So, off we go....on another, Out-Door Resorts Adventure...

Ordered the shrimp from EC Bait and Tackle....bait Babe Alina not there...but, her son Austin hooks us up with some nice some shrimp.....10 doz will do nicely :)

As it was the first day of Snook Season....everybody was on the water.....the ramp was full by 0700....

We get the skiff into the water...all systems go and off we head south...

After a few stops to look for bait....we still could not find anything and decided to just start fishing with the shrimp...

We hang outside the Chatham and  Houston areas fishing some of the bights and find a nice SNOOKLET bite....hit about 12-15 little boyz on shrimp....most in the 12=18" range, with a few about 24-25"...but, no one to take home....

We found some nice lady feeeesssssh and set down a nice head on a 5/0 circle...usually deadly for a nice big snook....well, 5 minutes later, the chunk rod slams over and game on...after about 2 min, she jumps and ping !!! gilled....I figured it was 15-max 20 lbs by the size of the head on the first jump....we continue to fish the areas of running water as the tide was moving in and almost top of the tide...one nice red to the box and we decide to head south to fish Lostmans....

The plan was to high Lostman's river and fish the beaches and outside points while the tide was high...then move into he river and fish the outgoing.....but, before we made it there, we stopped a bit short and hit a few spots into the bights I've fished....

I found with the South Wind, the tide had already begun to push some water....so, I set the skiff down on a shore line and thought...we'll we'll take a few casts and if nothing, let's go to Lostmans...

We shut it down about 150 yards from the shore....and moved in with the trolling motor...power pole down and relax a bit....

grabbed a lady fish chunk and set it down next to some trees.....before i could get to my other rod....zzzzzzzzzzzz off goes the rod, I jump back over...and gone :(

My buddy Dan then sets up with a quick shrimp, 3/0 circle, 40 lb floor and a split shot, about 30" of leader and fishes the shore...

Bammmm!!!! first cast, a 20" red....ok, game on...no Lostman's today :):)

Next cast...another 20-22".......I decide to go to pop's corks and gulp swimming mullet and bam, bam, bam....three in a row....

My buddy Dan yells over.....Dammmmmnnn....we got a big one here...get the net...I see a large golden boil and wow....looks like an upper slot.....he's fighting it to the boat and as I am about to reach over.....wooooosssssshhhhh out comes the man in the brown suit from literally under the boat and in one second....off screams Dan's line and so goes his dinner....

Uggggh...we think....We had one in the box and another in the live well as I was hoping for something a bit larger...than a 20" for dinner.

We stopped for a few minutes, eat a sandwich, have a cold one to wait out the shark activity, and I set out a nice chunk of fresh ladyfish....on the stern platform.

I then start throwing the gulp and my buddy goes back to his shrimp....in about the span of two minutes...Dan hooks up, I hook up and we are bringing two fish to boat.....just as I flip over my fish...the rear chunk rod goes off and game on....a real nice one...I'm thinking the whole time...will the man in the brown suit return ????

Dan's so excited he can't get the net out and finally, after 3 misses, he grabs the big girl....27" on the nose....and three fish in the boat....needless to say, everyone else went home and into the box went the 27"'r for dinner for my buddy Dan.

We move to another spot and continued to fish as the tide poured out....we hit another 8 or so reds, most mid slot, on gulps and shrimp on pop's corks....

Total for the day....I figured 15-18 reds, 12-15 snook and a few meow meow...just like the ol days....a great time on the water !!!


the Skiff ran great as usual.....


Here's a few pics from the day....the one nice slot red...along with the mayhem on the deck......




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Man nice to hear guys. I haven't been over there much in the past month but my buddy has been tearing the snook and tarpon up around the Indian key area up north. I personally haven't caught a red in a couple months. A little relief to hear they are popping up down south where I like to set up camp. Keep up the great work and awesome reports!!!!!!

Hopefully I will be in Islamorada in a week or two for the MOT, and then the weekend after that is the Romp in the Swamp the weekend after.

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Hopefully I will be in Islamorada in a week or two for the MOT, and then the weekend after that is the Romp in the Swamp the weekend after.


I like your optimism :)

but, I don't think so.....




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