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david Terry

2005 20V - thru hull transducer

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i thought I had read that the above boat came from factory with a thru hull transducer, can anyone confirm if that is correct?

If it is correct I would assume that the transducer is way out of date, but can i upgrade it to a modern transducer?

i have my current transducer attached on the transom and would like to get rid of the wire going down the transom.


thanks a lot

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If the boat has a "thru-hull" transducer, you should be able of see it because it's visible from underneath. You might have a "shoot-thru" the hull transducer, which does not actually penetrate the hull, but rather send a signal thru the hull. I can't comment on whether the boat was equipped with a transducer from the factory. But, any transducer can be replaced and should be replaced every few years to keep up with the new technology.

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