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charlie johnson

Photo Zone Contest #1

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To get things properly kicked-off, we thought it would be fun to start with a little photo contest that focused on fish.

Here are the details:

“Show Us Your Best Fish Shotâ€

First place: $125 Skiffworld certificate ( and possible inclusion into MBC future product literature)

Submission Dates: Now thru midnight 4/22

Submission requirements: Images must include at least some portion of a fish in the frame. Held fish, unless clearly destined for the dinner table, should be shown in a manner consistent with proper catch and release handling techniques – no fingers in gills, unsupported bodies or lips gaffs. Photos deemed inappropriate or out of keeping with the forum’s “Code of Conduct†will be disqualified and promptly removed. A maximum of three photos per registered owner may be submitted for consideration.

Judging Criteria: This is not a contest to see who has taken a picture of the biggest fish. Images will be judged upon photographic quality, artistic attributes and subject matter. The winner will be announced on 4/23.

Good luck!

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Here is one of my favorite shots. This was my first sailfish. Luck has it, I was fishing alone but with a friend in another boat. So, I was able to get a proof shot of my first sail. I also was able to manage the fish, grab my blackberry and get a close up shot of the sail before I released him successfully! Not the best photo quality, but I have a hard time bringing my DSLR on the boat with me.



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