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Pool Comp Weekend Part 1

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All year and once a month myself and a bunch of mates (12 of us) meet at one of our places and we have a monthly pool (8 ball) competition, have a few ales and a bbq feed by the host person along with catching up on fishing stories and planning in between trips.

Seen most of us have given up sport (Time poor or is too old and injured) we have found this to be a great way of everyone keeping in touch and fun as well. The last game is always played up at Lucinda Hotel every year where we stay for three days with a pool comps on each night and fishing all day up the Lucinda Channel. Usually we end up with at least 4 to 6 boats with everyone switching around from each skipper to have a bit of fun.

Pictures show my rig turning up first followed by the Bonefisher, I finally got someone to take a few shots of my boat in the water and underway. If you haven't seen a Redfisher 16 fully loaded and I mean loaded see the picture with us at rest - three 200 lb guys, 150 E-Tec, back esky with a m*** amount of beers and ice (not for the skipper), all pumps, crank battery in other side and truthfully this is pretty good considering the weight - Oh and hole shot is length of the boat with all this and the 150 HO. Gotta love it.

We have a few awards at the end with Parkesy (Bonefisher Owner and skipper) winning the Biggest Yarn of the year for the second time running(trailer roller trophy)and Ramcon winning the overall Pool comp for the year.

Lots of drinks, food and fishing (see part 2 for the other photos), set time get together's during the day for a tie up n talk and a coldie.

Looking forward to the Pool Comps next year.

Cheers Waz











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What a great weekend event, Waz ! Sounds like a really good time, good friends and some fishing too.

You are livin the dream, and thanks for sharing. Your postings are always entertaining.



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But they give a prize for the biggest fish story..

Would be great to have Waz up for an OT and hear the stories first hand.. then again, the water here may be too clear !

I love the lingo : too old for sport.. an esky full of ales. Great People !

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