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I'm hoping to find some of you out there to share some info on the Ft. Myers Beach area. I was out last week inside Big Carlos & New Pass trying to find some cover from the S. SE winds. 

Snook are in the passes and inside Big Carlos all over. I was pitching live pinfish and caught multiple slot snook on out going tide. Fished some cuts on the calm side of the mangrove island just across from New Pass and caught some small trout, but no redfish. 

Anyone finding any redfish? It's been so windy the bottom has been all churned up that I can't see anything moving. 

Also, saw some big tarpon rolling on the interior side of Big Carlos on an early morning incoming tide. 

Looks like we'll have much better wind conditions with a new moon so I'm going to fish the pass first thing with live ladyfish and pins to see if I can jump some tarpon this week. 

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