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2004 17 maverick master angler repowered

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I have the same exact setup, I am currently running a mercury thunderbolt 3blade 14.8x21p, I’ve seen high 50s, however, I get some prop chatter while turning and get some cavitation when the jackplate on anything above 3.5. What prop are you running? I’d really like to switch to a 4 blade 

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Wow...  I am running a Merc 115 pro XS  with a Turning Point 14.5 x 19 / 4 Blade, 6150 RPM just at 49 MPH full fuel.....  That prop is a bit unique, 2 rounded dog ear blades and 2 opposing cutting blades, great hole shot with nominal top end and RPM drop.  This motor max RPM is 6300.


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