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Lakemaster +Plus Mapcard for DE MD NC SC WV freshwater

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This is a nearly unused (10 minutes) Lakemaster +Plus Mid Atlantic States  mapcard for compatible Humminbird units.

I got this hoping for some coastal mapping to complement my Navionics maps, but it is for freshwater lakes & rivers only in DE, MD, NC, SC, WV..

Since I rarely fish freshwater in those states anymore, somebody is going to get a really great deal on this new mapcard !

I-Pilot Link compatible.  Autochart compatible.  Excellent contour detail.  I use Lakemaster charts on the Great Lakes and have found them superior to any other digital cartography available.  This +Plus series has High Def coverage and aerial imagery on some waters.  

Here's a link to the Humminbird product page.  You can download/view the lake lists, compatibility, and features there.  http://www.humminbird.com/Products/HCMAP2/

Lists for $149.  Commonly available at $129.  Yours for $75 delivered.  (lowered price)



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