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Trolling Motor Plug

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10 hours ago, Headhunter said:

Thanks, I'll call Ray and find out where to get it.

It's pretty straight forward. Comes apart in under a minute and a deck plate screws in. I also tucked the foot pedal cable under the TM plastic housing. Real clean deck. 

Below deck:



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Did a little research on Larry's plug set up. Here are the part numbers and you can order them through your dealer. Pretty slick. They use a threaded deck fill and some coax adapters to pass thru the deck.

MBC part numbers


I also looked at the PYI cable clams and Blue Seas. Both use the same method of sealing and you can pass the whole cable and connectors through them. If interested google them. The PYI number is CG 20ss or CG30ss  and the Blue Seas 1003100 but you need to make sure you order the right size for your cable. Blue Seas also makes a side entry but I am not sure you can get the wires through.540490.thumb.jpg.a45ca729c944b346a2d0b3f582425abf.jpg58c961e955bc4_310150013101500231015003passthru.thumb.jpg.a3c3c1cd93e3d6a2302866401034ba73.jpg1003100.thumb.jpeg.382dd3962dd91bd58740ae5324977454.jpegCG20-SS_medium.jpeg.9430ec9874a5a1328584de53ba4768e6.jpeg

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I am not sure how the MBC one works. Larry can answer that one but both the PYI and Blue Seas clams you unscrew the top cap and pull out the rubber stopper and pull the wires through. PYI has a video on their website on how to install it. Blue Seas does too. Check it out. Not much of an issue for me since the TM stays on the boat.

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11 hours ago, JEM said:

So when you use a plug like this, the motor can't be removed easily.  Is that correct?

My setup only includes the 1st 2 pics in Headhunters post. 

The TM cable cable feeds through the plastic fittings and the plug attaches to the end of the cable. The larger white fitting (mine is black) that threads into the deck plate, and the smaller gray fitting (that has the nut w/ rubber compression) both become permanent part of the TM power cable. 

You can remove the TM and the power cable/deck fittings and have the chrome (stainless?) cap screwed into the deck plate in a minute. 


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