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Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

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@LittleChief has one very similar, if not Birdsall, on his 17MA. I've been on his boat many times and it is great for long runs, choppy water, girlfriends/wives, the sandbar, and much more. It's ability to be easily put on or taken off  is convenient for days of more serious fishing. The mounting hardware is relatively flush to the deck as well so no stubbing toes when it's not being used. It has me thinking of putting one on mine. 

Here's us (I guess just me) using it on a run to Hell's Bay after battling the chop of Whitewater Bay in 30mph headwinds. It was quite the back saver.



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Very similar to the factory backrest setup on my RF18. It works great.

I replaced the attachment knobs with button cap bolts after stepping on the knob barefoot. Ouch. 

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Sorry, I should have followed up on this but I did not! I spent some time on the phone and computer with Birdsall and Skip and ended with the 16" arms and the 48" long back rest. Measured three times and drilled into my new to me skiff! :( Lots of 5200 and lots of clean-up but took less than an hour to install and 40 min were spent measuring, re-measuring, and re-re-measuring!!









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