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impressed by the 24 amazing rig

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Had a chance to run a new 24 this last week fished it for 4 days and in a tourney down in Everglades, I will say its one impressive ride. Lets just say the morning conditions were not the best to start the morning with low water and a pretty snotty chop, we made the turn south and i aired her out @ 5700rmp running 58/59mph she ate it up not one time did we come out the water the boat amazed me in the 25 mile run south.

I have my mind made up on the 23 only due to the rear seats in the 24 i am not a fan at all... I never thought i would say this but id run the 23 or 24 next to any bay boat on the market (YF is the big one people compare, i have a ton of time on one)  in a good hard chop, Hands down Pathfinder had stepped up the game in the larger bay boats. 

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