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HPXV 17 Prop Help

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I recently purchased a 2016 Maverick HPXV 17 with the Yamaha F70  motor.  The current SS prop is marked on the outside with K16. After some research, I discovered the prop is a Yamaha  MAR-GYT3B-V4-16. The motor can only hit 5500 RPM, trimmed out with no occupants on the boat and a very light load.  I would like to get a prop that will help get the motor closer to 6300 RPM wide open.  What are some of the props being used to achieve optimum performance with the F70 on the HPXVII hull?  Thanks in advance. 


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Found exact prop model and included it in the post.

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I was hoping to see some input on the HPX 17 V11 with F70 prop setup as well. I just bought a 2014 HPX 17V with a power pole and removeable ipilot tm. With the K16 prop I'm getting the same numbers as JudoFish stated above. I was told by one person the powertech SCD 15 3 blade would be the way to go but I was hoping to get more input from other owners.

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I finally got my prop situation taken care of. I talked to Marcus at Powertech and he explained the differences in the SCD and NRS props and how they affect different hulls. The way I understand it is the SCD is designed for zero deadrise transoms where you want stern lift. For the V transom like my 2014 Hpx V I need a bow lift prop such as the NRS.  He convinced me to go to the NRS3 14 pitch with my F70 and I'm pleased. 

With the original 16 pitch prop with 3/4 tank fuel I got 35 mph @ 5200 rpm wot lightly loaded with myself at 200lbs.

with the NRS3 14 pitch I'm at 37mph 6200 rpm wot same load which is where I want to be at on the rpm's. My hole shot is improved and the motor is getting close enough to the 6300rpm for max efficiency. Wind chop today was crappy so I may have been able to get a little more speed but my main concern was rpm performance. Hope this is helpful.

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