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FPI grouper / snook report 9/26/16

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Headed outside to start.. contemplated heading out to do the offshore thing... dines were tough to get to bite and didn't find any fingers inside on my normal spots, so I decided to stay inside and try for a snook.
Drifted some livies around the inlet and picked up 2 short Black grouper. Switched gears and started throwing a plug in various locations and picked up a 21" gag.... kept at it with nothing to show for it for about an hour... it was getting late and there was one spot I wanted to hit but 2 boats had been anchored around it. As I was heading in I noticed they had left so I decided to stop and give it a few casts. 2nd cast gets crushed and liked to have pulled my arm out of its socket... after a short brutal fight I won and landed a 33.5" Gag! Definitely glad I stopped and stoked to get it on my mew setup I put together just for throwing the plugs.





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