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Lobster season in the Keys

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We spent the week int he Keys for opening season and had a great time.  We tried to relax more this trip then in the past but still did great.  In total, we came home with 31 lobster and 27 snapper.  Gotta love the keys.

This is us pulling into the home we rented.





We got there one day before the opening day to scout and settle in.  First thing on on Aug. 6th, it was lobster time.  Saw a ton, I mean a ton of bugs but most were shorts.  We really had to weed though to get the legal ones.  On day one, we cam back with 13 so I was pretty happy.  I had already rung a few so you will only see 8 in this picture.


Day two was a relaxing day.  We decided to hit the reef a little, catch a few snapper and then go into the Cheeca Lodge for a drink and to swim int he pool.  No lobstering this day as I needed a rest.  When we got back, we packed up the snapper and called it a day.


On day 3, we were back at lobstering and after about 4 hours, hauled back 11 more. We definitely had a routine now going with EVERYONE helping.  





We ate out until this night and decided to cook up some of our catch.  YUMMY!!!


On day 4, we took it easy and bounced between the Loreli and the Cheeca Lodge for drinks, food and pool fun.



You just gotta love the Keys right?  So day 5 comes and the wind picked up to the point it was hard to do just about anything.  We did manage 3 more bugs though but was only out a couple hours trying to cope with the weather.


I love this pic!  The kids playing cards instead of being on their phones and ipads.


Only in the Keys do you see stuff like this.


Before we left, we had one more snapper trip and one more lobster trip to round out the numbers above.  All in all, it was a great vacation and I can't wait to get back there in September for the owners tournament.












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Nice pics and nice lobsters.  Looks like you had a ball.  Great way to raise the little rug rats.  They will remember those type trips for the rest of their lives!

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