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HPX-V F-90 Prop

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I've been looking around the forum and could not find any info on performance of the 17 with the F-90 and or prop suggestions.. I did find a separate web-site that was suggesting a Power Tech 17pitch 3 blade, but they didn't specify 2-stroke or 4- stroke on there 90..

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I use two PowerTech props in my 17 HPX-V with F90, the PTR 3-blade 19 pitch, and the PTR 4-blade 18 pitch. The PTR 19 is the best all-round prop in that it gives me the best cruising and top speed and is the most fuel efficient to run. When I know I'm going to be fishing mostly in Everglades National Park, I prefer the 4-blade 18 pitch. That's better in the twisty creeks I sometimes frequent and gives a little better hole shot.

Both work fine. 

There's a Yamaha prop that's better than both, but Yamaha props are really expensive, about twice the cost of a PowerTech.

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