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Big Mutton... skinny water

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  Well trip didn't start well... troller on the fritz.... had to go old school and use an actual anchor in 65'.....>:(, honestly don't know how I did it that way before!

   Of course the wind and current didn't coincide.. was rusty at the old school method and "settled" on a lay as close enough after resetting 4 times... we didn't catch much but garbage.  Watched another boat move 4 times in under an hour so I pretty much figured the bite wasn't great, plus the weights were coming up a little cool.

With that in mind and the fact that I really didn't want to reset the anchor again on another area I pulled the plug and headed to my shallow spot to prospect.  Got on the spot and some decent marks on the plotter so plopped the grapnel over in 12.7',  and threw out some baits.

 For about 30 minutes we caught mutton after mutton but they were only 14-15".  Happy at least I got some good scouting out of this trip it was like 230am, the bite had slowed and I was just about to pull the plug when I felt slight tap and my line immediately starting moving off, set the hook and holy smokes I about got railed!  My best mutton to date at nearly 30", definitely a trip maker.


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