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Snapper / pelagic trip Ft Pierce

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Due to the wind I wasn’t able to get outside early in the evening as I normally do, so I spent some time gathering bait and fished inshore.  N ot much going on inside… ended up with a 26” Cubera and a 20lb Goliath. 

A bit after midnight the wind started to slow some and over an hour it dropped to a light breeze so with a well full of bait and hopes of bent rods we headed out.  It was still pretty bumpy and it was slow going to get out there.

Once on the spot it took  a few minutes and trial and error to get the boat positioned properly while figuring out the current (light and to the south) thru out a live sardine and it was immediately crushed and I landed a nice 24” mango.  I musta hit him on the head with it as the bite was not on fire but over the next hour and a half we landed a dozen quality mangos, 1 mutton and some XL porgys.  We only kept fish over 15” releasing the rest.

Sharks moved in on us and the snapper bite shut off.  It was just starting to get light so decided to head out deeper and try for phins and maybe some more bottom fishing.  Stopped in 80’ and went 1 for 4 on kings, 1 bonita and a schoolie phin.  No love on the bottom despite some awesome marks on the machine. 



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