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6-18 Fathers Day trip

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The plan was simple, go out, catch a ton of fish by 10:00 a.m., head back into the bay and swim the rest of the day rafted up to my Dad.  So We head out the channel and my wife takes the same picture she always takes of the sunrise (have 100's of pics now) and a few of the family.
So I head straight out and figured I wouldn't stop until I saw something.  When I hit 700 feet, there was a rip so I put out the spread and kepted heading out.
My crew is the best fishing crew ever.  They help at everything like driving, clearing lines, just about anything you need them to help you with.  Here is a picture of them hard at work.
My crew continued to stay in these exact positions until it was time to head in.  lol
By 10:00 a.m., it was time to meet up with Dad.  We had only a tiny micro peanut come in the spread but that was it.  Made it out to 2400 feet and nothing at all.  Only thing out there was BS scattered weeds.  No mats, no weed lines, no garbage and no birds. 
We rafted up to my dads boat and enjoyed the rest of the day.
I can't complain one bit but boy it would have been nice to stick to the original plan and get a bunch of fish.

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