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Ethanol Related Email I Received

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I have come to the conclusion that E-10 will work well for anyone in the South who runs their boat frequently.

However, E-10 is the devil incarnate for snowbirds who store their boat during the summer and/or those who do not run their boats frequently.

This snowbird unfortunately knows this from experience... }:(

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Thought I would share this. This pic is a fuel line from my previous boat with a 4 stroke Suzuki with  100 hours on it .The previous owner used fuel from a gas  station with ethanol and claims the additives would negate the effects of ethanol. What you see is the inner lumen of the fuel line dissected in half. The inner fuel line seemed to delaminate into a plastic type  material restricting fuel flow. Believe it or not I could run the boat up to 5800rpm but it would drop RPMs  intermittently . No ethanol for me!

Larry cell7-6-15 851.jpg

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