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Prop Info Posts: Best format & Data

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Prop questions for your Maverick can be posted here.

If you are going to post data, let's title the posts with model/year/motor/prop.

Like... 21 MA 2006 Yam 250 HPDI PT OFX 4bl.

This makes it easier to research the posts once they get large.

The best information on props for a specific year/model & specific motor will have this information: loading, speeds, general characteristics and any weakness.

A full layout of RPM/speed/GPH like the Perf. Bulletins for specific hull/motor/prop combo is helpful as well.

Different options like jackplates, TM/Batts, PP's/Talons, all affect the performance of light skiffs. Prop selections & info by our Members can help new owners a lot. Thanks, Folks !!

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Hey Sir

I have a 2015 18 hpx with a 115 yamaha

currently running a 3 blade 18 pitch power tech prop

would a 4 blade do a better job.The 18 pitch moves the boat pretty good.

Going to 4 blades how much pitch would you reccomend?


Capt Ed

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2014 Mav 17 hpx V / Yamaha F70

Minn Kota 12v I-pilot , 6' power pole

2 batteries in console(1 cranking,1 deep cycle)

3/4 tank fuel and myself @200 lbs.

original Yamaha 3 blade 16 pitch prop wot -5200 rpm 35mph

powertech NRS3 14 pitch wot- 6200 rpm 37 mph. 

Hope this is helpful for the 17' hpx-v/F70 people.

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