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This thread has been a bit of an embarrassment, we need a little action on it!   


Had a chance to spend an entire day fishing with my kids on Monday before the cold weather showed up.  Took two of the kids dawn patrolling north of the ramp looking for Trput, then swapped out kids and took two others South and then up the Cape Fear river to hunt Striper and Reds.   Did a little charting and realized I put 80 miles on the boat, not a bad day!  


The trout proved to be really tough fishing, and the ones we found were very picky.  Got two decent (18 & 19) and then a dink.   Luckily the Lizardfish and flounder kept the kids busy, and my son managed to catch a large Octopus inshore, which was a first for me and really exciting for the kids.  

Round 2 was far more successful -  we managed 5 rat reds and missed a bunch of others, then found the stripers and ended up landing 5, again missing at least as many as we landed.   

Weather couldnt have been more pleasant for mid November, but the wind started kicking up in the afternoon as we headed home.  A little over 10 miles of wind vs. tide river chop reminded me why Master Angler hull has such a cult following.   A little trim tabs and we were cruising on a magic carpet ride.   

Great day with great fishing partners.













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