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Installation Advice on Garmin GXM54 Weather on MaverickSkiff

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I want to install a Garmin GXM54 weather antennae on my 2016 Maverick HPX 18 and would like some advice on locating the antennae.  Being a skiff I'm very limited on where to install the 3" circular, 2" high antennae "puck".  My thought is to install it on the console between the steering wheel and the engine throttle.  Plenty of room there but the antennae would be at an angle.  I'm wondering if it would work properly mounted at an angle versus facing straight up.  The other choice would be forward on the bow but that's a far second choice.  If anyone has installed a weather antennae on a Maverick skiff, particularly on the console at an angle, please let me know how well it worked.  Thanks, Wes.

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