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Found 3 results

  1. TGutt

    2002 22 foot power question

    I have opportunity to buy a 2002 22 foot for 18,000. Concern is the motor. 2004 200hp Vmax hpdi with 635 hours. Checked it out this morning. Compression good, all 6 cylinders firing great, little milky fluid in lower unit. All in all pretty good. I probably put 40 hours a year on a boat maybe a little more. I have heard horror stories about these motors. Any advice? I was looking for a 4 stroke but this price seems really good. Thanks!
  2. Nicholshewes21

    2002 Hewes Redfisher 21

    2002 Hewes REDFISHER 21' $21,500 Yamaha Vmax 150 HPDI (301HRS), trim tabs, jack plate, new stereo and speakers (jbl), New custom seats, new custom backrest with rocket launcher pole holders, poling platform, push pole, pole holders off of poling platform, power pole, on board charger (not hooked up), Bimini top (attach or detach your choice), custom fit boat cover, guided trailer posts with brake lights attached. Two bait wells, one livewell, two side rod storage compartments, three dry storage compartments, Center guide on trailer and front roller recently replaced. Trailer is a EZ loader, trolling motor needs replaced. Lowrance fish/depth finder (small burn spot). Boat is in great condition. No under body scuffs, good gel coat.
  3. I recently purchased a used 2002 2200v with a 200HP vmax and have had an overheating issue since day one. There were never any obstructions on the water pick up, and water would consistently flow from the pisser even when the overheating alarm would come on, but I started with the obvious by replacing the impeller, and thermostats hoping for a cheap fix. This did not solve the issue. After running several sea trials I noticed that the slightest turn of the boat, or minimal trimming would cause a "blow out" (rpms would increase, but speed would decrease) and it sounded like I was sucking more air than water. I would also get the same "blow out" phenomenon if I moved the jackplate up at all while cruising. This problem led me to the prop, which was over pitched (13-3/4 x 22), and caused me to give the boat a lot of throttle for minimal RPM, it was giving me the feeling like I was pulling a heavy trailer up a steep hill. I determined that the combination of putting strain on the engine with an over pitched prop and easily sucking air "blowing out" was making the engine overheat. I changed the prop to a quicksilver 4 blade (14.6 x 19) and the boat ran significantly better, I was able to corner, and trim the boat properly, and it was blowing out much less often. This past weekend though, I went on a relatively lengthy run, and as soon as I hit any sort of chop the boat would again give me the "blow out" phenomenon, every bump I hit the rpms would jump 300 or so, and I would hear air being sucked in. It didn't overheat right away but after about 15 min I got the alarm. My next move is a low water pick up, but i just wanted to see if anyone else has had any similar issues before I throw any more money at this.
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