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Found 2 results

  1. Carbon Cannister setup

    My first topic as the proud owner of a 2017 Redfisher 16, in Upstate South Carolina. Love the boat! Cushions and rear backrest were in the truck when the picture below was taken. TM and electronics coming soon. I have enjoyed reading many helpful posts on this forum over the past couple months. This is obviously a friendly place for long-time boating/fishing fanatics like me to hang out. The EPA Carbon Cannister setup is new to me. I must have overfilled the tank, even though I stopped filling at the first click of the nozzle. Fuel has been dripping from the overboard vent (in my garage with a natural gas flame water heater!). There are also gasoline fumes in the forward compartment, even though there are no signs of leaking fuel anywhere including the bilge. Have I ruined the carbon cannister to where it should be replaced? They are not cheap. With the help of another member post on this board, I have used a block of wood on top of the tank to raise the cannister inlet hose as high as possible under the forward deck, to stop the fuel drip from the vent. Are the new Redfisher fuel tanks equipped with a Fuel Limit Vent Valve (FLVV) and Inlet Control Valve (ICV), to protect against over-pressurization/over-fills and fuel reaching and saturating the carbon cannister? Thanks in advance for any help and advice. Gary
  2. 95 lt 20

    Looking for info on my 95 lt20. Just picked it up and trying to learn as much as possible. I'm trying to figure out how big the gas tank is. I've read some of the 94s are 50 gallon tanks. Any idea? Also I'm unable to find any information about how much the boat weighs because I'd like to ensure the trailer I bought it with is sufficient. The axle is rated for 3500 lbs. that should be more than enough right?