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Found 3 results

  1. My battery selector switch fails to have power on position 1 — the starting battery. I am starting only in position 2 with my trolling motor batteries. I swapped out the starting battery with a new one and can’t seem to find a blown fuse/breaker. What am I missing? Guidance please. Thank you.
  2. First I want to say I've got nothing but good things to say about my 26 TRS. Solid boat, quality fit & finish, great layout for my family of 5. But these following issues have always existed and cant seem to get fixed. So a quick overview - Shortly after I bought my 26 TRS, I had a Turbo Swing installed to pull the kids on the tube, it is a stainless hoop that drops into brackets and allows the ski rope to be hooked up (alternative to ski pole since I have a power pole) We discovered shortly after as the kids would hang on the hoop at the beach that they would get shocked when touching it. I also had significant static in the Fusion radio when the motor was running. I called dealer, reported what was happening and took it to them to investigate. They returned it to me not being able to find out anything wrong. As soon as I launched the boat i checked the hoop for shock, still existed, and checked the radio static, still existed. I called dealer back, they thought now maybe it was something to do with a thru-hull. I returned it and they found a shorted out baitwell pump that was sending voltage to a thru-hull. Repaired it and I picked it up. I launched it, problems still exist. No knock on the dealer techs because they have tried but I'm needing to go about this myself now since the boats out of warranty. Today I turned the Fusion radio on and turned my switches on (i have a C-zone, personally not a big fan, but this was on the boat when I bought it with 30 hrs). The following switching "on" cause a single pop when turned on & off: Underwater lights, Bubbler, Spreader Lights Fwd & Aft, and Mood Lights (probably because it incl. spreader lights). The following causes constant static when on: motor. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement blue three way LED toggle switch for 2013 Hewes Redfisher 16? I contacted Hewes and they said I had to buy from the dealer. Since they are the only guys around I purchased the switch that they said "should" be the switch and had it mailed to me. The switch was missing the boot and is longer than the other switches for $35 dollars + shipping. Is anyone aware of a store online or reputable dealer that can offer the proper product at a reasonable price? I want the switches to match and hate the idea of having to replace all of the switches due to Hewes using a specific vendor for the switches that are not readily available. I have had multiple redfishers and this is truly the only time that I have been frustrated with the availability of parts and customer service. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks
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