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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys and gals . I bought a 2013 rf18 it came with the taller standpipe for the first livewell but it didn't bring the shorter one for crusteceans . Any idea where I can buy this ? Thx in advance
  2. 2005 Pathfinder Cockpit Drain

    I've searched far and wide looking for a new threaded drain grate that threads into my cockpit drain on my 2005 Pathfinder 2000V or any Pathfinder in or around 2005. Maverick has been of no help since the boat is 12 years old. I've reached out to SouthCo and BoatOutfitters, and no luck. Hoping you guys may have a suggestion for me on where to look next or what I can do to fix this. Aside from the companies I've called above, I've tried local marine shops, I've ordered similar but ultimately wrong parts off ebay, I've spoken to plumbing companies and visited HD and Lowes. I've called a few salvage yards in Florida and been hung up on before I could finish my question.... I'm assuming because the part I'm after probably isn't a money maker for them. The biggest issue I have is that the drain is glassed into the floor. I cannot replace without cutting a ton of fiberglass. The drain grate pictured in attachments threads down through the hull and into the drain underneath. Dimensions: Threaded input - 1 3/4" OD Flange - 2 11/16" OD Height - 3/4" Currently I'm using a mesh sink filter to keep all the dirt and large whatevers from getting pushed into my 1-way scuppers but it looks like ***. I've considered drilling holes and putting a flat drain grate over it and maybe what I'll ultimately end up doing if I can't find a part to replace this. Hoping someone out there has been in my situation and can recommend something. Thanks in advance!
  3. Cockpit Drain Pump System

    Cockpit drainage and wet feet is a topic that has been discussed at length on this and many forums. My 1806v has self-bailing thru-transom drains which usually sit below the waterline. Even with rabuds, there are situations when standing water pools in the cockpit. This is especially annoying during long stretches of fishing between self-bailing while underway. I have what may be a very stupid idea and figured some of you would enjoy telling me as much. My thought was to add cockpit deck drains that feed directly into a pump/macerator in the the bilge. Water would discharge out the existing bilge line via a 3-way connector with a check valve. The pump would be switch-controlled separate from the existing bilge pump. I figured I could use deck drains that can be plugged if needed and connect them directly to a cutoff valve in case a hose fitting breaks or for any other reason that I wouldn't want water getting into the bilge. I hate drilling holes in my boat and especially in the deck, but the addition of a second bilge makes me think that this system could be a net positive. The fact that I haven't been able to find anyone doing something similar online says otherwise. I'd love to know why this may be a bad idea.