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Found 3 results

  1. I have 4 batteries in my 2400TRS, 3 interstate deep cycle trolling and 1 Interstate starting for the house. Everything is connected to the starting battery, Id like to replace it with an AGM group 31 that can handle high drain of multiple live wells and my stereo amp. I’m debating between Deka Intimidator, batteries plus X2Power(rebadged Northstar), and odyssey 2150. I’d like real world experience and feedback with these batteries. Thanks in advance.
  2. Duracell AGMs??

    I’ve been considering battery replacement on my 4 year old dekas group 27. I don’t get very much time on my trolling motor even after adding a stealth charger. Another thing I saw after leaving boat plugged in was a little moisture leaking out of house/cranking battery. That has pushed me into just wanting to replace. I doubt the previous owner kept a charge on the batteries and they may be a bit weak. I currently run an 80 lb I pilot so I have 3 batteries. My thoughts were to replace with 3 Duracell group 31s(if they are same footprint) and fish it to see if I get significant improvement. Long term plan is to add a 4th battery and get a 112 ulterra. Will that be an issue if that’s a couple years down the road? Main question is @ $180 per battery , is there a better deal on an agm high quality battery?
  3. Purchased this battery with the intent of using it with my power winch as a stand alone unit but never completed the mission. Sold the winch and I have a practically brand new battery that I don't need. Wondering if anyone locally (I'm in Plantation very close to 595) might be getting ready to replace their battery I can save them some money - $65.00. Send me a text - 954-818-1962 - Joe