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  1. Trolling Motor Batteries

    My bad didn’t read fine print. 🤓
  2. Trolling Motor Batteries

    Most times it’s a bad battery. Check them and obviously the water level.
  3. Lake O Red tide!

    F’n joke. I’m pissed that many of those fish are dying but this mess is destroying people’s lives. Talk about a cluster f***
  4. Did you mount your Fire Extinguisher?

    Great idea I haven’t mounted mine yet either. Been keeping it in the cooler. Thanks,
  5. Hewes Redfisher 18 Front Seat Pedestal

    Sounds good I’m off to Wally World today to find one. Just have to find one that matches my sea foam green hull. Lol Tx!
  6. Water filling release well

    I did not know that it had a seacock. Lol. I have never looked in bilge. I guess then there are two one for the live well and one for the release well. I will check it and close it then as I will never use it anyway and could use it for an extra cooler! Thanks!
  7. Water filling release well

    Last few times out upon returning to dock I found the release well 3/4 filled with water. I have a plug in bottom of it because I was told this is where the water is coming in. Well water is coming in from somewhere else but obviously since I plugged bottom it can’t get out. I have been using the live well but doing think the two were used together? Tx!
  8. Hewes Redfisher 18 Front Seat Pedestal

    Just came back from keys and mrs got scorched. May I ask what type and size of umbrella are we talking? Tx!
  9. Hatch changed color - Question

    I had the same type of problem. There was some water in release well for about three days when the boat was parked back in the garage. I went to clean her up and found the hatch’s gel coat had discoloured in a bunch of the hatches. This was a brand new boat. I tried some TLC powder, and Marine Spray nine and a lot of elbow grease to get most of it off but two hatches still have a ring under the lid. Now I always open all lids and make sure they are towel dried. This shouldn’t have happened and still don’t know why. Water was from hard sprays at car wash.
  10. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    Yea those are probably better for the front flap. At least when you are trailering you know that the cushion will still be there with those.
  11. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    Yea we are looking into doing that to ours too. Birdsall does it for bigger boats. As far as using Velcro on back the only issue I see is if you need to get in the hatch but it would probably do the job. I was gonna try to wrap the long strips all the way around but that would pull on the front flap snap and won’t work. Probably will get someone to see in some strips and snaps on back. Another type of app would be to see in a loop on each end then use a Velcro strip thru the loop and then go around the backrest post? Probably work too but I can’t sew for nada.
  12. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    I was trying to think of possible ways to secure the bench seat cushion on our Hewes 18. It was sliding around a few times while sitting on it and one time trailering it almost came off. So I added some extra snaps along the front but the back still slides around and popped two of the snaps off the cushion. No big deal I fixed them but I was trying to think of an idea to secure to back of the cushion. On one of our other boats they sewed in strips of elastic with a snap in the middle. Worked good. Just wondering if anyone has tried something else.
  13. Bass pedestal seat insert

    Spoke with customer service and they said a little wiggle will not harm the deck. I'll probably wrap some soft rubber around the pedestal post just to snug it in a little better.
  14. Bass pedestal seat insert

    No. It's pretty tight. I'm gonna call maverick now to see what they rec for their bass plate inserts.
  15. Bass pedestal seat insert

    I already have the factory installed seat plate however it wobbles around a lot and feels like something could break actually quite easily. I don't understand how it doesn't have a tight fit with the standard swivel-eze diameter. Here are some pics of what I have.