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  1. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    Yea those are probably better for the front flap. At least when you are trailering you know that the cushion will still be there with those.
  2. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    Yea we are looking into doing that to ours too. Birdsall does it for bigger boats. As far as using Velcro on back the only issue I see is if you need to get in the hatch but it would probably do the job. I was gonna try to wrap the long strips all the way around but that would pull on the front flap snap and won’t work. Probably will get someone to see in some strips and snaps on back. Another type of app would be to see in a loop on each end then use a Velcro strip thru the loop and then go around the backrest post? Probably work too but I can’t sew for nada.
  3. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    I was trying to think of possible ways to secure the bench seat cushion on our Hewes 18. It was sliding around a few times while sitting on it and one time trailering it almost came off. So I added some extra snaps along the front but the back still slides around and popped two of the snaps off the cushion. No big deal I fixed them but I was trying to think of an idea to secure to back of the cushion. On one of our other boats they sewed in strips of elastic with a snap in the middle. Worked good. Just wondering if anyone has tried something else.
  4. Bass pedestal seat insert

    Spoke with customer service and they said a little wiggle will not harm the deck. I'll probably wrap some soft rubber around the pedestal post just to snug it in a little better.
  5. Bass pedestal seat insert

    No. It's pretty tight. I'm gonna call maverick now to see what they rec for their bass plate inserts.
  6. Bass pedestal seat insert

    I already have the factory installed seat plate however it wobbles around a lot and feels like something could break actually quite easily. I don't understand how it doesn't have a tight fit with the standard swivel-eze diameter. Here are some pics of what I have.
  7. Bass pedestal seat insert

    You mean the Scott deal video? I f its that one it doesn't have any info on this?
  8. Bass pedestal seat insert

    I used my bass pedestal for the first time on our new 18 Redfisher. The bass plate came from the factory. The bass seat pedestal is a swivel-eze with standard pin. The bass plate hole has a screw in gas cap to keep water out and also to make the deck flush when not using the seat. The problem I am having is the way the base wiggles when you put the pedestal into the opening there is a gap all around the plates hole. It allows it to have some wiggle room and consequently it feels like you could do some damage to the plate or possibly crack the deck if you tilted to far. It also does not screw in it just sits in a a pin hole about 2 inches down. I bought a Springfield hard plastic bushing insert but the was very tight and was too big and didn't sit flush with the deck. It was very hard to pull out. Sorry for the long explanation but any ideas?
  9. Master Repair.....The BEST!!!!!!!

    Been going to Mike for over 20 years. Most honest guy in the business. can't say enough about him!
  10. Push pole holders question

    The one from the factory uses the same clip butts base is raised about 1/2 inch as you can see in pics. The mid and aft ones are the ones we had installed later on and are flush. I need to remove the factory ones base and just make it flush. My son stubbed his toe on it last week and almost fell in.
  11. Cleaning non-skid

    Our new 18 Hewes has some fine dirt imbedded in the fine sandy type non-skid on our boat. I don't want to damage the nonskid but I'd like to get it looking like new gain. Of course the top side made the same way. Any recs on ways you guys get her back to new with damaging the nonskid? Thanks!
  12. Push pole holders question

    Just had the recessed installed and they are sweet!
  13. New 18 Redfisher battery question

    Thanks guys I added the wire today and she works great, thanks!
  14. redfisher 18 backrest

    I have an 2017 18 RF that came with factory backrest that just doesn't quite tighten down no matter how tight you tighten down the knobs. I had seen birsalls design so I went to Bobby and asked how to get it tight. Turns out it wasn't his. It has gotten a little better but just has this loose, dare I say cheap feel to it? I was thinking of adding some washers or flex padding in the base to really get it tight. I'm also afraid of stripping the base threads and then I'm really screwed, pun intended.
  15. Push pole holders question

    We are about to install two Accon recessed pole holders. The same kind came installed forward. The middle one has plenty of room under the gunnel. My question is does the rf 18 have enough clearance and free of obstructions like wiring ect under the starboard aft gunnel.? The rear hatch is sealed and there is no way to really see under there. I am going to try to shine a light through the small holes used for under gunnel rod storage but I figured the guys that built the boat would have a definitive answer on this so we can proceed accordingly. Thanks!