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  1. Thanks so much for the help. Bad switch. I admit I couldn’t find the screws to get to the back of the panel to test it for some time. It looked like one piece and I didn’t see the screw covers to pry up. Blue Seas’ warranty policy is to replace. I told the part number and they are sending a new one. Slower than Amazon but better price (as long as this one lasts). Thank you all again
  2. 3 trolling motor bateries and one starting battery. All good. Wondered if there was a fuse/breaker I was missing somewhere. Can’t believe this issue is unique to me
  3. My battery selector switch fails to have power on position 1 — the starting battery. I am starting only in position 2 with my trolling motor batteries. I swapped out the starting battery with a new one and can’t seem to find a blown fuse/breaker. What am I missing? Guidance please. Thank you.
  4. Urad

    Gel Coat Catalyst & Advice

    Thanks to you both. Got the MEKP and looking forward to the repair.
  5. I have gel coat sent to me from Maverick to match my Pathfinder. I thought I would take it to someone for a repair but I'd like to do it myself now. What catalyst do I need to buy/use? And, any other advice you'd like to offer for a gel coat repair I would appreciate. Thanks.
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