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  1. ReelWork

    Checking in on our Florida Members

    Conocean- I'm in Estero and could help down in Choko with a hot dinner. DonV- where are you flying out of? I have tools that I've been hanging onto that I don't want to throw away but would be happy to donate to a good cause.
  2. I figured the floating debris. May get a spare prop to run with as back up. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes to get markers and channels matched up and fixed. I have a job site up on Captiva and hope I can get access by vehicle so I don't need to head up there by water.
  3. What can be expected for the fishing after Irma blows through? Any thoughts on how long to wait to get back out on the water safely? Will the bite pick up once the water recedes? Just curious if any one has past experience. I usually fish anywhere from Captiva to Goodland. I'm sure we'll be busy with clean up first.
  4. ReelWork

    Northbound traffic

    Anybody still on the road? Or getting ready to leave? Curious how 75 from Tampa to Orlando is - or 95 North from Miami up?
  5. ReelWork

    2016 Pathfinder 23 HPS (Sold)

    Other than a Hurricane- I can't believe this is still available. Sweet!!!!
  6. ReelWork

    Keel Guard on MA17

    Rob Van- could you post a pic of what you did? Wanna- I'm sure there are pics on here of your boat- but- do you have room to slide the center post/receiver back to the rear? I was told I have 2-4" to slide mine back- just haven't yet.
  7. ReelWork

    Ulterra Heading Sensor

    Looking for help- Where do you have your heading sensor mounted? The dealer located on the underside of the console shelf "Inverted/ upside down." Not sure if anyone else has seen or done this? Needless to say it's not operating correctly and struggling to stay put and seems confused. Tried on two different trips to "Spot lock" and have had no success. planning on taking back to dealer to relocate. Any suggestions appreciated. Tried in low wind, slack tide on a canal. New 2017 MinnKota. MA17