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  1. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    Ron, thanks for the pics. Always enjoy your pic posts. Don't have a clue about the trim/shake problem. Never experienced that.
  2. Had to say goodbye to my buddy of 11 years

    Sorry to hear about your buddy. Pets are like a member of the family.
  3. Transducer question?

    Never had a side scan or total scan, but I can't imagine how it would benefit in shallow water. I've often wondered if those with side scan technology actually caught more fish?????
  4. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    I think the size depends on what you intend to use it for. If it's just for drinks and lunch, a smaller cooler will do and you have more walking room between the cooler and rod lockers/storage compartments.
  5. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Whatever style or material you choose, it has to meet the standards to allow water to flow through. Where do you get those standards/codes? County, FEMA??
  6. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    Have you checked the charge to see if it's putting out the correct voltage? Do you shut off the battery switch when on the trailer? Could be that you have something draining the batteries even when the boat is stored.
  7. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations Skip. You have to be doing lots of things the right way to work for one employer for 25 years. You are certainly well received by the members of this forum.
  8. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Good move on making the bays wider. I really like the horizontal wood look between the pilings. Any chance to get this material made from PVC or Vinyl? No painting or rot. I've seen lots of elevated homes with Vinyl lattice on the ground floor, that looks good also. Have you thought about installing screen on the inside of the flood walls, to prevent insects from getting under the home?
  9. Duracell AGMs??

    There is a big discussion on Fla. Sportsman forum right now about using Lithium batteries. Apparently they are not that easy to use and charge. Lithium batteries have very specific charging requirements that are not common on most boats/alternators/chargers. Might want to read the post before making a decision. The person on the forum with the most knowledge is an electrical engineer that works at Disney World. He installs, uses and charges Lithium batteries for the mouse. I have two AGM Duracell's for my trolling motor (group 24). I troll a lot and have never run them down. Also have one AGM Duracell (group 31) for starting and house and never had a problem. I do have a Powermania (20 amp. I think) charger for all three batteries.
  10. POLL: 2017 - more good than bad, or more bad than good?

    2017 started out great as every past year has, but ended on a disappointing low note. 2018 started on lower scale than past years, but soon that will change, expecting the best year yet.
  11. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    Just for the record: Like I said above, I have 3 Sam's Duracell AGM batteries. Well, my boat has been on the dry rack at Stump Pass Marina for 7 weeks. That time frame is unheard-of for me, but had some business to take care of back in Orlando. Anyway, put the boat in the water last Sunday, started right up without hesitation and I used the TM for about 3 hours and did notice a minimal loss of power. They said these AGM's hold a charge longer then most and now I'm a believer.
  12. Salt Deposits Or?

    Try using your finger nail to scrape off a very small area. If it comes off with your finger nail, I'd bet that it's dried salt. You can shine a light parallel to the hull and see if the rough stuff looks like tiny fish scales. That is what dried salt looks like. Or just try a little Vinegar on a sponge. If it's dried salt, it will come right off with very little effort. Not sure how good the Vinegar will work if you already waxed over the salt. Vinegar will not cut though the wax. If the Vinegar and a sponge doesn't work, you might have to wash the area with dawn to remove the wax first. What you are describing (rough feeling, mostly on the front of the hull) is exactly what got me started using Vinegar.
  13. scupper check valves question

    I don't know what type the factory installs. Mine are in-line valves near the transom. I can hear them working when sitting still, especially when the water is rough. The secrete is to keep them clean. Just the slightest little thing will keep them from sealing. I force water down my drains with a garden hose after every trip. Occasionally, I squirt a little Dawn down the drains and let it sit overnight.
  14. GPS blowing fuses

    To my knowledge those fuses are designed to trip when they get hot or since a direct short. Like Jason says, check the entire length of both wires. Additionally, make sure your connections are good. Poor connections cause heat buildup.
  15. Salt Off/Salt Away

    A few years back, when I discovered that vinegar would dissolve dried salt deposits, I ran some through my motor. I bought a new plastic 40 gal. garbage can. Tilted the motor up and put the can under the lower unit and trimmed back down. Put 10 gal. of vinegar and 10 gal. of water. I ran the motor about 10 min, then shut if off because I was recirculating the same water and it was getting hot. Let it sit about 30 min. than ran the motor again. Did this a few cycles, then wrestled the can from under the motor. I slowly pored off the water and was amazed at what was in the bottom of the can. About two handfuls of stuff that looked like snot. I surmised that it was dissolved salt that had been in the water jackets because the can was new and clean. Anyway, I got 1,500 hours out of that motor, sold it to a friend and he is still running it. I'm sure there is a better method to run vinegar through the motor than wrestling a plastic can with 40 gal of liquid. But my idea was to trap and look at whatever came out of the motor.