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  1. SCFD rtrd.


    Yep, replacing the metal pipes (intake and drain) makes perfect since. Make sure you get a shut-off for both. Also, this is the time to move or reconfigure stuff to clean up the bilge and make future access better. Keep the intake plumbing for the bait pump as low as possible and keep the bait pump in a horizontal position. This keeps all the plumbing associated with the bait pump below the water line and prevents problems with water pick-up.
  2. SCFD rtrd.

    Electrical wiring question

    Is that the way it's set-up now? Power to the starter comes from a fuse block? I'm not familiar with that boat, but sending power to the motor, through a fuse block doesn't sound correct. Do, you have a battery switch?
  3. SCFD rtrd.


    JEM is right on all counts. From the pic, looks like the hose from the bilge pump is marine grade, but could be wrong. The corrugated hose for the live-well drain is not acceptable. That should also be marine grade semi-rigid hose. When you make your hose connections, use some white (Life Caulk) caulking on the hose barbs. Helps the hoses slide on easier and you don't have to put so much pressure on the hose clamp to make a water tight connection. If your new hoses are to stiff to make turns, use a heat gun or hair dryer to shape the hoses. Send more pics.
  4. SCFD rtrd.

    2600 Through Hull Transducer

    Try to access the fuel tank. Sometimes they have a hole in the gas tank that is big enough to work through. That is how the thru-hull transducers are installed on the 23 hps. If it has a hole in the gas tank, make sure it is in front of the step. I guess we were typing at the same time. Easy solution is to look under the boat. If it's there, won't be hard to see.
  5. SCFD rtrd.

    Boat lift straps

    In my experience, the issue with straps is pinching the boat. If the straps are set too narrow for the width of your boat, then it will squeeze the boat and contribute to gelcoat cracks. Especially with extreme weather changes (hot to cold or visa versa). It is usually pretty easy to move the top pullies out, so that the straps just barely make contact with the rub rail.
  6. SCFD rtrd.

    ordered: Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    My guess is that the T-top is supplied by an outside vender. Just call Skip and ask if the top can be reinforced.
  7. SCFD rtrd.

    Any pathfinder 23 hps for sale?

    Squanto, click on the "Forums" button and scroll down to Boats for Sale. There is usually one or two 23hps for sale. Good luck, I love mine.
  8. SCFD rtrd.

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    Thanks for the explanation. Didn't realize the hub/tire was attached to a spindle.
  9. SCFD rtrd.

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Put the brake hose back on the caliper and pump the brakes (actuator) manually. The pressure exerted by the brake fluid will push the piston out enough so you can get some pliers on the edge of the piston and remove it.
  10. SCFD rtrd.

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    I also keep a spare hub in the original plastic box, plus extra bearings, races, seals and a seal/race driving kit. For those that keep an extra hub on their spare tire, how do you keep the water, sand and other debris out of the hub while it is sitting in the open?
  11. SCFD rtrd.

    OAL 2500 hybrid with amertrail trailer

    You might consider a swing tongue for the trailer. That will save about 30 inches. Might give you room to walk front and back with the door closed. If you go with a swing tongue, make sure the trailer manufacturer mounts the winch behind the hinge and not on the part that swings.
  12. SCFD rtrd.

    Running wires to bow of 2400trs

    There is probably a factory installed PVC chase from the console to the anchor locker for the trolling motor wires. You can use the same chase. Why would you want to move the navigation lights from the console to the forward rub rail?
  13. SCFD rtrd.

    Electrical system question/input

    As far back as I can remember, when installing a depth finder/gps, the manuals suggests connecting straight to the battery and not a fuse block. The newer depth finders are very sensitive to voltage drop and shut-off as a precaution. I always wire my depth finders to one of the trolling motor batteries. If the battery starts the motor just fine, then I would look for a loose or corroded wiring connection to remedy the depth finder/GPS problem or move it to a trolling motor battery. Trim tabs and spreader lights; again I would look for a loose or corroded connection.
  14. SCFD rtrd.

    Any updates?

    Usually, this time of year, we are slaying the Pompano. I've been in Englewood for two weeks and haven't seen one Pompano. Anyone skipping any Pompano in the flats?
  15. SCFD rtrd.

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Excellent job, looks brand new.