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  1. New Fishing Buddy

    Beautiful puppy, congratulations.
  2. Battery Location on 2300 HPS

    When I ordered my boat, I asked for the batteries to be installed in the floor hatch behind the leaning post. I only have 3 batteries (AGM) and the on board charger. I did rearrange most of the wiring in that compartment to have sufficient length to pull out one battery at a time for twice a year inspection and maintenance. If you want to move some batteries, I'd agree to move the trolling motor batteries. At least you won't have to add any wiring.
  3. Help building dock box

    Outlaw, pm sent Hotpersuit, researching Di-Bond
  4. Help building dock box

    I keep my boat at my condo and the association has specific specs on the size of dock boxes. I was going to buy two dock boxes and bolt them together, to make one long dock box (9ft-6in). But I can't find two boxes that will work. I'm looking into building my own box. I would have the frame and lid welded (aluminum), then skin the outside with something. So, that's the question. What type of material should I use to form the outside sheathing?
  5. Charlotte Harbor

    Sudolicious , sent you a private message.
  6. Livewell light installation

    Dave, Life Seal is also very good when installing a hose over a barbed fitting. Additionally, it works great when you are installing pumps, strainers and threaded pipe. When you are threading things together, you don't have to make an absolute tight threaded connection. Just put a little Life Seal on the threads and hand tighten till it's firm.
  7. Batteries

    Wow, that's crazy. Sounds like a direct short (positive touching negative somewhere). So, you ran three batteries for years with the same wiring configuration and no problem? Has anything else changed? Did you change the battery switch and maybe connected the wires wrong? Or, it could be your battery switch has fallen apart inside and something is floating around causing the short.
  8. Livewell light installation

    Yep, Life Seal is good stuff. Clean the area with Acetone first.
  9. A little different

    Good looking ducks, what kind?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks Dave, hope you have a great holiday season.
  11. Adding a lifting eye/cleat style pop up.....

    Are going to support the weight of the boat with this lifting eye/cleat?
  12. Power T&T goes up but not down?

    Ok, now my thinking has changed since the trim worked in both directions yesterday. Sounds more like a loose or corroded connection. Follow the trim wires up from the trim motor to where they lie in the pan. Some outboard manufacturers run the wires straight from the trim motor to the relays with no breaks in the wires, but some have wires that come from the trim motor and wires that come from the relays, that plug together and lie in the pan. That is a good place to look for corroded wiring connections. Additionally, you could have a corroded connection that will not allow current to flow through from the relays to the trim motor. But, repeated activation of the trim switch will cause the wiring to heat-up, then it makes a connection and things start working. Like Capt. DeWalt said; you don't want to be miles from the ramp when it fails again.
  13. Maverick 18 MA fuel tank

    Probably not the tank itself. If the tank was compromised so that water could get in, then you would smell gasoline all the time. Like Hurricane posted; Could be old Ethanol fuel, bad O-ring on the fill cap, water in fuel from the gas station or in some cases water can enter the tank from the fuel vent. If you have a standard vent, then it's not unusual for water to enter the tank via the fuel vent, but that can be easily corrected.
  14. Power T&T goes up but not down?

    Sounds exactly like a bad relay. They are located on the side of the engine (under the cowling). Follow your wires from the trim motor, up through the pan to the side of the engine. They will connect to the relays. Usually, a relay will click when you hit the trim button. Or you can hold your finger in the relay and feel for a slight thump. The one that is clicking is good, the one that does not click needs replacing. Like Bamaskeet said, you can change places with relays. If the problem is the relay, then the motor will go up, but not down. They are cheap and easy to replace.
  15. Ceramic Pro (and other coatings)

    Don't know anything about Ceramic Pro, but I have lots of experience with Woody Wax. I use it about twice a year on my decks and never had a problem with fish blood sticking. The trick is not to let blood or stains sit all day, baking in the sun. I use my wash-down hose a lot. But, if I miss something, it rinses right off back at the dock using a garden hose.