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  1. Try moving your post to the "General" section for more responses. The washdown pump has a supply hose that might be connected to the same plumbing as the live-well pumps. Make sure the seacock is open, so the water can flow to the washdown pump.
  2. SCFD rtrd.

    Trailer help

    Check the tire ware or unusual ware across the tread. More tire ware on the insides would indicate a bent axel.
  3. SCFD rtrd.

    Looking for ideas for new fish cleaning stand

    I built a fish cleaning station for my condo assoc. I used Starboard and it has held up very well and this station is used a lot. Typical filleting of fish does not hurt the surface. It's vertical cuts that damage the table (damage meaning cut marks). You can use thin Starboard if you have sufficient framing to support the table, maybe supported every 12 inches. I used 5/8" Starboard for the back and side splashes because you have to attach that with s/s screws from under the table. I'm really not familiar with any other plastic or synthetic material that would work. Some Home Depot stores carry PVC sheets (4x8) that might work. Good luck with your project and send some pics.
  4. SCFD rtrd.

    Water in fuel

    I think you are right about the water entering the fuel vent. It's only happened twice in seven years and both times the same 3 very large people were onboard, sitting up front.
  5. SCFD rtrd.

    Bungee Cord Gunnel Rod Holder Size

    I agree. I removed the bungee straps after replacing them twice. Works just fine without them.
  6. SCFD rtrd.

    hyd steering problem

    The symptoms you are describing indicate that the valves in the helm are dirty. I don't know where the particulate matter comes from or why it's attracted to the valves, but the valves are sticking because of an accumulation of crud in the bottom of the helm. It's not a job that requires any special skills.
  7. SCFD rtrd.

    95 Mirage taking on water

    It's possible that water is being trapped behind the rub-rail, where the hull and cap connect. When you are sitting still, the stern is lower than the bow, so water is running back and dripping inside the hull. Have you tried just launching the boat, tie it to the dock and look for leaks in the stern area?
  8. SCFD rtrd.

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    I don't have a Rhodan, but the one's I see always hang over the bow when in the stored position. How are you managing to keep the motor inside the confines of the bow? Ain't saying it can't be done, just never saw one that didn't hang over the bow.
  9. SCFD rtrd.

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Sorry for the delay, been out of town fishing. The two additional flush mount gunnel rod holders have the Pathfinder trademark stamped on them. The only problem was that the factory guys could not figure how to install the additional gunnel mounted rod holders and the upper horizontal under-gunnel mounted rod holder. I guess it was because the PVC rod tube and the additional gunnel mounted rod holder have to occupy the same space under the rear deck. Anyway, when it got the boat home, I rotated the factory installed, additional flush mounded gunnel rod holder slightly outboard, which allowed room for the upper PVC rod tube. I drilled a 2 3/8'' hole in the bulkhead and installed the upper PVC rod tube. Now, I have two under gunnel rod holders and two flush mounted rod holders in the gunnel of the rear deck. Looking for a pic now.
  10. SCFD rtrd.

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    You might get more help/replies if you post this in the general section. Lots of members have mounted their own trolling motors.
  11. SCFD rtrd.

    Edson power knob on standard Pathfinder wheel?

    My experience is that most after market knobs come with some round, plastic shims to accommodate most steering wheels.
  12. SCFD rtrd.

    truck tail gate

    Maybe it has some sort of spring assist to relieve some of the weight while letting the tail gate down and that has failed. Just a guess.
  13. SCFD rtrd.

    2300 Hps coming soon!

    Not sure what the new coolers are like, because mine is a 2013. But, the walking space between the cooler and the rod lockers is tight. So, I switched to a smaller cooler and increased the walking room significantly. This might not work for you if you are guiding because the small cooler is pretty tight seating for two adults.
  14. SCFD rtrd.

    additional through hulls in a 25

    Jason, the boat is on a lift so can't get a pic from the outside. But, If you look into the bilge, you'll see a step behind the bilge-pump, where two other thru-hull drains are mounted. I drilled another hole on the starboard side about 18" over from the keel. I thought that area was good because it will not create turbulence for the outboard and it's close to where the wash-down pump is located. I use white Life Caulk on all the barbed to hose connections.
  15. SCFD rtrd.

    2300 HPS dry racked

    I use to dry-store my 23 and it always bothered me that the hull was not fully supported. Did you ever look at a stepped hull boat sitting on straight bunks? There is a lot of stress put on the step because it is supporting the entire hull forward of the step. I now keep my 23 on a lift. I added 1 1/4" lift to the bunks and the entire hull is supported. It's no big deal for the marina to add a 1 1/4' lift to the rear of the bunks. Offer to buy the 2x4 or 2x6 and have it run through a table saw to make it 1 1/4" thick. Then buy some carpet to cover. Yes, there is reinforcement in the floor for mounting a T-top. Look at Pathfinder product information on this forum. It shows all the areas that are reinforced for trolling motors, leaning posts, and T-tops.
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