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  1. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    That is one fine Mangro. You catching any of those Gags?
  2. Cover for boat on a lift

    Joe, thanks for the link, they have everything for lifts.
  3. Cover for boat on a lift

    I've been looking at those on-line. The alum frame and canvas are about $3,500, instillation is DYI. The legs mount to your pilings and to the I-beams. If the association won't let me install one of these, I'll go with plan-B; I'll build another walkway on the other side of the lift and have a standard full cover made.
  4. Cover for boat on a lift

    I really like that cover. Will have to see if the Association will allow something like that.
  5. 2200v Bimini Top Question

    I think the average height off the floor is about 7 ft. Most Biminis have a slight turn down on the sides (maybe 6") to help shed water. You want to be able to see to both sides quickly, without leaning over.
  6. Fishing shoes

    I've been wearing crocs in my boat for years (the ones designed for boats). They have very small grooves on the sole for traction. Mine have an adjustable strap that goes around my heel, so they stay put. They are all rubber, so they do not absorb any water or fish smell. Mine seem to last about 5 years, but I don't wear they for anything other than fishing.
  7. Cover for boat on a lift

    Well, I've been off the grid for almost 6 months. Bought another condo in Englewood and totally renovated it, that accounts for the 6 months. Anyway, the new condo came with a lift and that poses my question. I want to cover my boat because it's taking a beating from the sun. But, how do they make a boat cover that you can deploy while on a lift? I haven't talked to any canvas people yet, but wanted to get some pointers from someone on how the cover should be constructed so that I can cover the boat while working from inside the boat.
  8. Low pressure from Raw water wash down.

    Give it a try and see if the raw water pump preforms any better. Shutting off the live-well fill port was not an option for me. I always use my washdown after using the cast-net, so shutting off the water to the live-well was a no no. I just drilled another hole in the hull and installed a thru-full fitting with a shut-off to supply the washdown pump.
  9. 2017 2200TRS Ice chest struggle

    Add a couple strips of starboard to the bottom to help it slide, then add a nice handle to the front so you can just pull it out to access the contents. You'll need to add a strap across the front of the cooler and attach to both legs of the leaning post to keep it in place.
  10. 1900v 2nd live well plumbing

    If it's not causing you any problems, why remove it? It might have some added value to the next owner. You could also insulate the front livewell and use it as a cooler. The existing drain would drain ice water.
  11. Loose pull-up cleats

    Is there a vertical rod holder somewhere in the same area? If so, might be able to remove the rod holder and have limited access to the bolts on the bottom of the cleat. Or you can rent or borrow a bore scope and have a look to see what access you have. Bore scopes are really affordable now.
  12. 01 maverick ma 21 livewell issues

    The strainers should be slightly slanted down from horizontal. In other words, the clear plastic bowl should be about 30 to 45 degrees down-hill. This angle will allow water to fill the bowl and force air out through the pump. If your plumbing, strainer and pump are stacked vertical, the pump may be too high above the water line to achieve a prime. My boat came from the factory with the pump in the vertical position and worked just fine, but I added a strainer, which increased the height of the pump, and then I had problems getting a prime. I added a 90 degree elbow to the shutoff valve, which allowed my to lay the strainer and pump down in a horizontal position, below the waterline. Never had any more problems with the pump priming.
  13. Those swing tongue pins have a history of breaking. I suspect the cause is play in the hinge itself, but that's another story. I replace my quick release pin with a 6" x 5/8" grade #5 bolt with lock nut. The only draw-back is that you have to carry a couple of wrenches with you.
  14. Vacuum lock

    Glad we could help buddy. If you put enough heads together, we'll come up with something.
  15. 2001 1900V Pathfinder console grab rail

    I would think most any good marine welding shop could duplicate the original grab bar. While they are building it, you could have it designed to fold like some of the newer models. This would lower the profile and allow it to fit under the average garage door.