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  1. SCFD rtrd.

    25 Hybrid Rod Lockers

    When I ordered my 23HPS, I asked them not to mount any rod holders in the rod lockers, just send them loose in a box. I mounted them on stainless hinges. If I don't need all the rod holders, they just fold flat against the outer wall of the rod locker. this keeps them from sticking out into the rod locker and saves a little room for my wife's stuff.
  2. SCFD rtrd.


    Will a standard onboard charger work with Lithium batteries? Also heard they are prone to overheat and catch fire. Just saying!!!
  3. SCFD rtrd.

    Baitwell Hose Dimensions

    smilemaker is right, don't know what I was thinking. You don't want a one-way valve on the live-well drain. Way too much water draining from the live-well.
  4. SCFD rtrd.

    Thru hull v transom mount ducer

    I've had several transom mounted transducers over the years on several boats. I always had problems with them loosing the bottom on plane. My present boat has a thru-hull and will read the bottom at 50mph. I'm happy with the thru-hull, but you are not going to find stuff on the bottom at that speed. I fish like you do, inshore or near shore. So, when looking for stuff on the bottom, either transducer will do about the same job. On the other hand, positioning the transducer on the transom for the optimum readings is sometimes very tricky because of the design of the hull and things like cheese graters. Positioning a thru-hull transducer for optimum readings is much easier. There are lots of good members here, so someone with your hull design will be able to help.
  5. SCFD rtrd.

    Baitwell Hose Dimensions

    Why can't you just take off the old hose and buy one the correct length and diameter? Looks like the thru-hull is plastic. You can replace that with S/S and pick-up a one way valve and a seacock at the same time.
  6. SCFD rtrd.

    Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

    I think the factory installs three wires, one black (neg) and two red (pos). So you have the option of installing a 24 or 36 volt trolling motor. The black and one of the red wires carry 24 volts. The black and the other red wire carries 36 volts. Could be wrong, but without pics or a volt meter, you are just guessing and at the risk of burning up your new trolling motor.
  7. SCFD rtrd.

    Thru hull fitting size?

    Bilge is probably a 3/4". For the other two, just remove the two hoses from the live-well and measure the barbed fittings that the hoses connect to. Should be the same size on the discharge fittings.
  8. SCFD rtrd.

    Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

    Does the trolling motor have more than two wires?
  9. SCFD rtrd.

    Back Country Wrecks

    Wow, haven't been to the Keys in 15 years, but when we use to go, we stayed in Islamorada. Someone turned us on to a plane wreck in the back country/Gulf. Use to catch some nice Mangro and keeper Grouper off that plane. Wish I still had the numbers.
  10. SCFD rtrd.

    Charger/Batteries question

    Have you thought about mounting the amp and two chargers on the ceiling of the compartment? If the ceiling or top of the box is stout enough, that would give you room for 4 batteries. Another thought would be to mount the chargers and amp in the console. If the charger wires are too short, the instruction/instillation manual usually suggest the correct gauge of wire to extend the charging wires.
  11. SCFD rtrd.

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    In the past years, I've had a few Bimini Tops on different boats. Custom build is the way to go. I had zippers in my last Bimini right above the vertical rod holders on the console. Otherwise you have to find another place for your rods when the top is up. Accon quick connect mounts are the way to go. You can deploy, move or remove the top by yourself. Like they said, the most important part is mounting your hardware so that you can fold the top without interfering with hatch lids and motor when the motor is tilted up. Have it build tall enough so you don't have to lean forward to see out the sides. Also, additional height keeps the heat from radiating down on your face and head. If you want to spend a little more money, look at Shade Blade by Tucci. I have one on my 23 HPS. It's 7 ft. wide X 11 ft. long. The straps in the front connect just as a Bimini, but the straps in the back connect to your leaning post. There is nothing on the sides or back to interfere with casting or fishing. Can remove completely in about 10 min. and stores in a carry bag. The manufacturer guarantees speed up to 60 mph (might have to verify that on web-site). I run mine at 50mph all the time with no problem. Post up some pics when you get done.
  12. SCFD rtrd.

    farewell Abbey

    Prayers sent.
  13. SCFD rtrd.

    sea star steering

    Yep, always start easy and simple. Purging the air would be the first step. If that doesn't work, then the problem is inside the helm. There are two valves inside the helm near the bottom. For some reason these valves attract foreign matter that stick to the valves and valve seats. This causes the valves to leak-by. If you are mechanical, the fix is pretty easy, just needs a good cleaning. If purging the air doesn't work, post up again and I will walk you through the process.
  14. SCFD rtrd.

    Pompano Pompano Pompano

    I use the "silly willy", hot pink color. Was in Englewood twice this month and could not find a single Pompano. Good to hear someone is catching them.
  15. SCFD rtrd.

    RF 18 Livewell intake seal

    Someone just posted a lengthy post about cheese graters. No one mentioned any type of manufactured seal or gasket. I think most guys were just cleaning the area and using a sealant such as 3-M 4200.
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