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  1. SCFD rtrd.

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Need to look around on-line for a flexible snake (not the solid wire type for pulling wire). Those hatch drains are well above the water line and no valves like the floor drains, so they should drain easily if not clogged with particulate matter. Should be able to snake from both ends. You can buy a bore scope (pretty cheap) and take a look to see what and where the restriction is. Let us know what you find.
  2. SCFD rtrd.


    Congratulations Bubba B. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the weather and a special thanks for putting bad guys in jail for 40 years.
  3. SCFD rtrd.

    Charlotte Harbor Sunday

    Thanks for the update. We are headed to Englewood and hope the fishing has picked up. We were in Englewood the last week of May and all of June. Never even saw a Redfish, caught a few Trout, and saw a few Snook. Managed to catch one Snook about 40". I've fished Englewood for almost 40 years and have never seen the fishing that poor. I guess last years Red Tide really hurt the fish, especially in that area.
  4. SCFD rtrd.

    New 2500 Owner

    Congratulations, beautiful rig. I had the same issue with my cooler opening. Found some thick self-adhesive pads at Home Depot. Put those on the cooler and that pushed the cooler away from the console, problem solved.
  5. SCFD rtrd.

    TM Install RF18

    Good deal. Now sure if I ever told you how much I appreciate you letting me look at your Shade Blade and answering all my questions. Bought and installed mine about 2 years ago. Best thing I ever did for my boat. I get lots of lookers and questions about that top, but have never seen another on the water. You da Man.
  6. SCFD rtrd.

    Clogged drain holes under seat cushion

    Have you tried something like weed-whacker line or steal leader?
  7. SCFD rtrd.

    TM Install RF18

    If he can see the bolts, use an closed-end wrench with a piece of PVC as an extension. Slide the wrench into the PVC and Duct tape the wrench and pipe together. Then put a piece of duct tape on the bottom of the wrench to hold the nut from falling out. Might also need a light and mirror. Man on top tightens the bolt.
  8. SCFD rtrd.

    Clogged drain holes under seat cushion

    I'm not familiar with that boat, but if it's truly a drain and it's clogged, take a length of solid copper wire ( 14 gauge) and chuck it in a cordless drill. Go slow and it should eat it's way through the clog.
  9. SCFD rtrd.

    Does this count as fly fishing?

    I don't think so. My father-in-law use to call Dragon Flies "Snake Doctors". Don't know where that came from, but in this case it might be more appropriate.
  10. SCFD rtrd.

    Fuel Overflow Cover

    Can't help with finding the fuel vent, but can offer some suggestions from instillation. They make a stainless vent that has a 90 degree elbow. When you mount the vent turn the elbow up toward the gunnel. You might have to buy a new hose, but you want to run the hose up as high as possible and secure it, then turn down to the tank. It's like an upside down trap (like under your sink). Keeps water from entering the vent hose and ending up in the tank.
  11. SCFD rtrd.

    LED Lights under console??

    If I remember correctly, they are connected with two screws from inside the console. So glad Goatro posted this question. I have been putting off replacing mine because I thought I would have to use a brand other that what came form the factory.
  12. SCFD rtrd.

    Tomoka Basin

    You are going to spoil that grandson, but that's what grandkids are for. Tight lines!!!
  13. SCFD rtrd.

    PF TE forward livewell - relocate standpipe/drain?

    I had the same problem with a boat several years ago. I cut the standpipe about 2" from the bottom, then used PVC fittings (90 degree elbows) to turn the stand-pipe horizontal till it was close to the corner, then another 90 degree elbow to turn it up, then glue the top back on. That gets the standpipe out of the center and over to the corner. You might try that first before you relocate the standpipe and drain. If you choose to move both, how would you plug the existing drain hole?
  14. SCFD rtrd.

    Squealing drive belt on boat lift

    Yep, that squealing noise at daybreak is embarrassing to say the least. Our marina is surrounded on three sides by condos. They all know when I'm leaving the dock.
  15. SCFD rtrd.

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Thanks for the info.
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