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  1. swm1day

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    I'm in Bsh102's corner. Used to tow a 24 Skeeter with a Tundra. It did fine, but wasn't the quality of pull I desired. Then I had a huge scare on interstate (needed to stop very quickly) and was always nervous after that. I bought a used 2500 Dodge and now have 2600 HPS. Love the boat, but a close second is the way the truck pulls it. Difference maker for sure.
  2. swm1day

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    My saying was, "You just have to know where they were yesterday." When you are in that area, you quickly realize how many different places the fish could be. But glad you had a safe trip.
  3. swm1day

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    What was the fishing report topshelf?
  4. swm1day

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    I can help. Will call you today.
  5. I used to fish that very lift all the time with a Fusion, which was similar to your boat. The bigger issue you are going to have is how to get back in the slip with a strong outgoing tide--that takes some practice.
  6. swm1day

    Cover for 2600 HPS?

    Thanks. I'm in SC.
  7. swm1day

    Cover for 2600 HPS?

    Anyone have a recommendation? Just ordered a new 2600 HPS and looking for a cover.
  8. swm1day

    26 TRS 2015 with a 300 Yamaha XCA

    does the trailer come with it? Kind of seems like it is sitting on a borrowed one, that's why I ask.
  9. swm1day

    He's hooked!

    same here. 60 minute ride to the ocean from the house. Then 15 minutes to put boat in. Then my 6 yr old and 4 yr old are ready to fish for 25 minutes until they want to head for McDonalds on way home But, you take the time you can and be thankful for little kids to shepherd right? Enjoy the ride home talking about things you see on the road. Oh well. In their minds they had fun and that is what counts.
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