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  1. Christmas Wrap

    Nice looking flies. You are a special father in law, good for you and him, Merry Christmas!
  2. Couple new bugs

    Very nice ties, how do you fish them? obviously on the bottom, but pause and a slight move or strip, or a slow steady retrieve ? appreciate the feedback
  3. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    I walked a good portion of the Beach, Boca Grande, 19th street area, water is clearing up and baitfish crusing by.
  4. Favorites

    Go to beach fly, Snook, trout, Jacks, Lady fish, small tarpon eat it up . I believe it is called a Gilbey, found the pattern years ago. Red, Chartreuse collars are great too. Next one would be the Seaducer, older pattern from a floridian guide, Miami way I believe. Simple ties.
  5. Favorites

  6. Florence

    To all those who could be in her path, God Bless and do your best to be safe. My prayers to you and your families.
  7. Colorado

    congrats on those trout, beautiful!
  8. What you guys Tying?

    great flys, well done, fish too. I hope to fish there some day.
  9. Red Tide?

    I was fishing Charlotte Harbor last week, Cayo Costa, Placida, Cape Haze.All good, no kills that I saw, fishing was good, lots of tarpon around.
  10. Nokomis Area Beaches

    sent you a PM
  11. Black Uglies

    Not to take anything away from the guides expertise on finding them, but creating the fly and making the casts needed as you do to fool them is equally important. Again nice job!
  12. Black Uglies

    you are the man, nice job on the fly and the fish.
  13. DT Special Recipe

    Good success with this one, simple tie, very effective on the beach/surf
  14. DT Special Recipe

  15. Peacock on Fly

    Once you sign in, look at the upper right corner of the screen, should be able to click on the "envelope".