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  1. 1986 Maverick Deluxe

    yet to post a price, would help
  2. Hewes- Classic Lappy

    agree !!!!!! WAY !!!!!!
  3. Anchor pin storage

    for running from spot to spot I keep it in a rod holder and tied to a cleat, no problems, otherwise stored under t-top,
  4. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    just think of it as a baby kingfish style boat with a hundred gunnel rod holders. maybe try kite fishing the flats. start a new style of flats fishing, sorry for going off topic guys.
  5. Looking to see who makes this backrest..

    looks much better and stronger than brand A, good going !!!!!!. don't care for the flat bars. jmo
  6. Perko battery switch question

    agree, never had a problem with perko all the years I have been on the water. just replace with same and yes they do get harder to turn after several years. mine is an 03 and just starting to get stiff.
  7. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    I run all batteries, DP. 2/TM, 2/start, house no problems. most people I know are running DP for everything. DC is harder to come by at least in my area unless you are ready to spend big dollars. you can swap out batteries if need be without the worry of miss matching, like that the best, jmo
  8. Everyone underestimates draft

    agree, adjust accordingly.
  9. Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    think only seadeck will do if not mounting anything up there. only being used as item tray. three holes on front, small little flush mount down light to light up switch panel if needed at night or small bulkhead flush mount compass. yes with a small overhang and narrow lip across front, just ideas fish. fin
  10. back on mkt

    wife had three, handled it very well. best too you. fin
  11. Bimini Dimensions

    find a 4 bow, will like much better than 3
  12. WTB: ProTrim Casting Platform

    the reason I ask, you can have a custom one made to your specs for about the same dollars, just saying. good luck
  13. WTB: ProTrim Casting Platform

    any reason it has to be a pro trim and how much willing to spend.
  14. Example of WOODY WAX

    nice job !!!!
  15. Freeboard and gunnel hight for offshore

    agree totally. and yes with the half tower (stand thru t top) shade and fish spotting both in and offshore, have one on my 22
  16. Teaked out 24 Pathfinder

    just love it, love teak. my old 37 egg had it. really not hard to maintain. thinking of doing same with seadek on my 22 cockpit sole.
  17. Is one battery enough?

    x2 !! all the way.
  18. Is one battery enough?

    are you also going to have a trolling motor and power pole. I have always had two start batteries and two tm batteries. Battery charger does not hold energy. just supplies juice when plugged in if your talking about a portable one. if on board type it can do several thing depending on type and how it is set up. I am not a charger guru, there are many here who are. hope they respond.
  19. My New Ride

    LOVE IT fin
  20. New Tow Vehicle

    congrats ron, a fine looking ride. son got the same a few months ago, dark red with matching cap. you will love it !!!!!! fin
  21. would take it in a heartbeat if it was for a 22' !!!!!
  22. Lenco actuator

    if it is the same as your bad one, just use the old bracket with the new actuator. that is what I did. easy change out. wish they never made 5200. used way too much where not required, JMO !!!!!
  23. WTB Skiff under $10k

    nice sled, great find. congrats and use her well. fin
  24. WTB Skiff under $10k

    the ranger is not a cake walk in a chop also. nice rig, like the raised helm but not back friendly.