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  1. Seadek install

    NICE JOB !!!!
  2. Little blue house that could

    what a job !!!!!!
  3. 2001 PATHFINDER 2200

    good looking rig. can tell its been welled loved.
  4. Capt. Bob Barnette

    sorry to hear, thanks for posting. my best friend since we were 5 has been battling it for 12 years.
  5. Everybody OK?

  6. Everybody OK?

  7. Canal Trolling

    Been catching a lot of big jacks trolling the punta gorda canals. lots of fun. using lipped plugs 4-6".
  8. New ride delivered COBIA 261cc

    nice looking rig, congrats
  9. Newborn angler

    x2, that is exactly what I was going to say, !!!!!!!!!
  10. 1993 16' Hewes BayFisher $ 5,800

    can you post a little more info and pictures, may have a buyer for you, thanks.
  11. Canal Trolling

    mine were about the same size. great little fighters.
  12. Selling 2001 22ft Pathfinder question

    x2 nice looking rig.
  13. have had a few of them. like them a lot. great pricing and if I was going to put a trailer under my 2200v this would be the one.
  14. 2011 23 HPS Bow cushions and back platform cushions

    very nice, love the bolster look.
  15. Non Skid Repair

    any good shop should have no trouble doing it. just explain how you want the non skid to be, even the OEM look.
  16. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    x2 on what wana stated. it is a big job. think the only way to do it right is to remove the cap. fin
  17. Solo Fishing on Flats Boats

    yes, people do it all the time. instead of poling use a trolling motor. some of you best times fishing is when you are alone for many reasons, enjoy fin
  18. Replacement GPS Found

    thank you !!!!!
  19. Replacement GPS Found

    Finally found a Garmin 2006c to replace the one on the boat where the screen went out. Found it on Ebay. Had a few but looked like s------. This one looked the best and had a 14 day money back warranty from seller where the others did not, only $299. Arrived yesterday and installed with my old nav card, just plugged it in. works great. screen is crystal clear when on but shows a lot of scratches when off. do not know how a screen can get that way when unit is button controlled and not a touch screen unit. anyway I lucked out !!!!!!!! fin if anyone can explain a way to remove scratches, please tell.
  20. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    you can get a moisture meter and check where the most water is. wow, that is a lot of draft added and loss of mph. feel like it is going to take more than cutting a hole in the hull to solve the problem. hope I am wrong. best of luck.
  21. Little blue house that could

    great savings !!!!!!
  22. Lowrance HDS 9 Gen3-Who's running?

    nice unit. a friend was looking at same and liked it very much but went with garmin. he felt it was easier to use. was also told that by salesmen at west marine. felt salesmen should not have said that. let buyer determine that himself. he was pushing garmin to everyone because it was the one he really knew, and had one. jmo fin
  23. Fishfinder/Chartplotter HELP!

    what are you replacing it with ?
  24. Yamaha 2300HPS

    all the way with action welding. I would go garmin, jmo, great people to work with if something goes amiss.
  25. Fishfinder/Chartplotter HELP!

    I agree. had one on my last boat.