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    orig from ny where i was a private investigator and director of security/safety for a hospital. after moving to florids i became a yacht broker then a realtor. married 42yrs. one son, married two grandaughters. all have the same interests. been boati
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  1. Yet to have a problem selling a trailer boat with bottom pain, just sayin. If boat needs a paint job anyway would do the bottom also.
  2. fin-addict

    2200 PF Tournament T-top Fabric replacement

    Suggest you go to a marine canvas shop. Normally custom made. Many different fabrics to choose from. I have a 1 1/4 slot on mine on each side with Velcro flap when not in use.
  3. You asked so I will give you my feelings. Great boat, age not too bad but you noted a lots of cons that might be turning buyers off. I feel the price may be on the high side from the work I see that needs to be done. The cap is another issue altogether along with several unknown that might so up . A good and proper paint job and glass works alone will cost a few grand. The TM appears shot and should be replaced. Sorry not tearing your boat apart by any means. JMO. Some may agree, some not. Best of luck with sale. Fin😀⚓️
  4. fin-addict

    Lowering trailer jack

    Instead of a larger how about a two wheel the same size as the old one.
  5. fin-addict

    Dock Box

    Too much time on my hands. Weekend project. Painted dock box to match boat. New white paint, navy blue trim and ice blue rod holders.
  6. fin-addict

    Pathfinder 2200v prop size

    What max rpm are you getting from them and mph. And I see your running a T not Twr.
  7. fin-addict

    Group 27 vs Group 31 -24v Trolling motor

    I have two 27 deka’s for my TM, wet cell. No problems at all.
  8. fin-addict

    Pathfinder 2200v prop size

    Brother had the same rig but an 02 which is the same hull as yours. He ran a 14x21 and max was also 5400/52 mph. Was told it could be tweaked a bit to get 5600 and mid 50’s by ingmen marine. He never did it.
  9. fin-addict

    Towing Question

    Have a Kia 09 Borrego full size suv, 5500 lb tow cap. No problem towing or at ramp, 6 cyl. Several long trips with it.
  10. fin-addict

    Mounting on board charger... whos done it?

    Mine is directly through bolted to the front inside of the console since 2003, no problems. Also have heavy troll n tab control box mounted to starboard side of console without any problems since 2003.
  11. fin-addict

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    Both are great boats, one a flat and the other a bay. My choice would be the pathy in 22’. Seldom use tabs, smooth dry ride and solid for off shore use. Lots of storage. Better as a family boat imo. I run a lot of open water with no problem. The RF is also great but not so much a family friendly boat more so with young kids. Strongly suggest you look at both of 159’s boats. He jumps his sleds in great conditions and knows is stuff. A good go to person. Best of luck, fin😀⚓️.
  12. fin-addict

    Bait well net

    Do not use 5200, 4200 you can remove if wanted.
  13. fin-addict

    fixing the hook in the bottom of a LT20

    A hook will act like a trim tab, tabbed down a bit. It all depends on the speed and the wt. load in the boat. Most hooks are caused by not enough support under the stern be it trailer or lift.
  14. fin-addict

    Mounting a seat on a hatch cover.

    X2 for sure. Backing plate large to spread the load and large washers to help that.
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