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    orig from ny where i was a private investigator and director of security/safety for a hospital. after moving to florids i became a yacht broker then a realtor. married 42yrs. one son, married two grandaughters. all have the same interests. been boati
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  1. Pathfinder Cockpit Lights

    Try west marine or google, there are several to choose from.
  2. Battery and disconnect question

    For what it’s worth, run all Dual Purpose batteries. Two TM and Two start. All connected to battery switch with three bank charger. Always have enough juice to run everything.
  3. Best Run Ever

    O3 150 vmax HPDI. That’s what I was thinking, thanks, fin 😀
  4. Best Run Ever

    Took the boat out this morning to give her a little run and fuel up. Only has 1/8th tank. Do not run wot to often due to pooch always with me. Just had bottom cleaned on Friday. Ran 57 rpm, 45 mph, fastest she ever ran. Then fueled up to 3/4 tank and ran again. Number were the exact same, amazing 45 mph. Did notice however at wot a few times she would slow down a bit and rpm’s dropped a couple of hundred and then picked right back up again. Happened with both different amounts of fuel as stated. Backed off wot just a bit ran fine. Any ideas why this may be happening. Note: have not had engine serviced in year except for fuel water sep kit recently. This also happened to son about a month ago, just found out this morning. As stated do not run wot often, when I have in the past this never happened. Thanks for any feedback and suggestions, 😀fin
  5. Never let the broker do any inspections if he is the sellers broker who is selling the boat. Hire your own mechanic or do it yourself.
  6. Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment

    Have always used star tron in all my boats
  7. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    X2 without question for jigs, and all type of plastics. Now using it on all live bait also due to better natural action.
  8. Fuel / water sep

    That is what I think
  9. Forum decal

    It would be nice to have something
  10. Rejuvenate Sunbrella console cover

    About a pint and only the outside
  11. Rejuvenate Sunbrella console cover

    Like the Star Brite better too. Just do not get any kind of this stuff on anything but the fabric and keep boat wet just in case.
  12. another Buddy is gone.

    So sorry to hear of your loss Doc. Positive he was a very special friend and family member. May he RIP. 😢fin
  13. Fuel / water sep

    Can someone please tell me the fitting size of the fuel/water sep head unit, replacing it. 150hp vmax hpdi 2003. Thanks guys. Appears left side is a 90 elbow and the other is straight. . Using 10 micron tall filter.
  14. Seacock Replacement

    I did mine with stainless
  15. Center Console Tray

    Love the starboard foot rest, need to do same