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    orig from ny where i was a private investigator and director of security/safety for a hospital. after moving to florids i became a yacht broker then a realtor. married 42yrs. one son, married two grandaughters. all have the same interests. been boati
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  1. fin-addict

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    As stated, that mess has to be cleaned up and start from scratch. As for having an extra pump and changing it out on the water. Yes if you have a seacock to close the system other wise no. Carry an extra pump with hose connected and clips to connect to battery so you have a complete system ready to go.
  2. fin-addict

    Washdown hose

    The blue coiled type ones are good. Also like the fabric covered hoses that coils itself so to speak.
  3. fin-addict

    Aft Port Hatch

    X2 plug and storage
  4. fin-addict

    2200v coolers

    The built in cooler in front of console for bait well. Cooler under leaning post for drinks, food
  5. fin-addict

    Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest

    Buddy, goes on the boat when ever I go. Loves it
  6. fin-addict

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    Low profile over round.
  7. fin-addict

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    For some reason I find I cast better with the bass low profile style than the round style, just sayin
  8. fin-addict

    Popup Anchor Light for poling platform?

    Hella fold down, mine came with boat, 2003. Always keep it up with no problems.
  9. fin-addict

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    Most time spinning, bait caster if slow trolling. If throwing into wind always spin.
  10. fin-addict

    Through hull fitting

    Should not be to hard unless 5200 was used. Use a wrench that fits the hold down nut. Should break the seal and then unscrew. If not, may have to start to break away until all is removed then clean out exposed hole both inside and out. May want to reseal inside hole before bedding down new through hull shutoff.
  11. fin-addict

    TM power problems

    Breaker too small, need 60, know you have heard this before. Bypass breaker and see what happens as a test. Jmo
  12. fin-addict

    Through hull fitting

  13. fin-addict

    2005 Hewes Redfisher for sale

    Good looking rig. Suggest you post more information about rig and more photos. Jmo, good luck 😀 fin
  14. fin-addict

    T-top question for Pathfinder

    Yes !
  15. fin-addict

    Master anglers vs 1900v/2000v

    MA’s fantastic running boats
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