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  1. PLB or EPIRB

    PLB's made by "EPIRB" companies such as ACR do not need to be registered to a vessel and both operate the same way. The do by law need to be registered before activation. When activated transmit on 406mHz USSARSAT (Coast Guard and NOAA monitored nowadays) and can be used anywhere in the US. They transmit anywhere in the world but you need to register in your home country and the signal will initially be transmitted through that countries monitoring agency. If the question is between a "satellite messenger" (SPOT, Delhorme, etc...) and a PLB/EPIRB... The differences are satellite messengers transmit though private satellite networks, mainly Globalstar Network, like a cell phone and are somewhat limited depending on the ground conditions, satellite coverage, bandwith purchased by service provider, etc... This is also why satellite messengers require a subscription fee just as cell and SAT phones, and PLBs/EPIRBs do not. When it all goes wrong an EPIRB/PLB transmitting on 406mHz is the ONLY way to go, hands down, no questions asked. If you have the need to routinely send messages to friends and family on your trips than get as satellite messenger as well.
  2. Mixing E10 and Rec fuel

    I think the important thing to remember with ethanol fuel (from my own reading and what makes sense to me anyway) is that it does most of its damage while sitting for extended periods of time, which is why it's so detrimental to fuel systems in stuff that doesn't get used all the time, boats, RVs, etc... If I know I'm gonna burn it immediately, most of it at least, I really don't sweat it too bad.
  3. Generators

    Not sure. I live in an agricultural area so I never thought about it, never heard of that to be honest but i wouldn't be surprised either.
  4. Launching 18HPX-V

    Drive it up on the trailer as far as you want and leave it in gear until you get the winch strap hooked up.
  5. New MinnKota service center in Oakland Park

    Awesome Bob, now move south about 50 miles
  6. DDid you go out front or on the inside?
  7. Seastar Maintenance

    If you live anywhere near a general aviation airport you can get MIL-H-5606 equivalents. I got a gallon for around $40 at Homestead General.
  8. Seastar Maintenance

    Almost 2 quarts for my HPX. I actually rebuilt mine last year. Pretty painless once you get over the shock of paying $45 for a few o-rings and a gasket. I also keep some ATF fluid in a condiment bottle and lightly coat the rod ends on the steering cylinder and the trim/tilt cylinders, keeps the seals lubricated and keeps the rods from pitting and tearing the seals.
  9. sea claw anchors?

    Just make sure you get the real SeaClaw anchor from Capt. Kevin Lubold. They're are some imitators out there. https://www.reelcharterfishing.com/anchor.htm
  10. GPS Help

    Would you get a "double beep" without power or bad ground? I'd call Garmin before a mechanic, they've always been real helpful when I've called, it's free information if nothing else. Plus if it's broke for real they'll cut you a deal on a remanufactured one if you want to go that route.
  11. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Capt Troy speaks the truth JWalk. They really don't last forever. Not sure where the negative comments about the forum stem from but I don't think that anyone meant anything mean, nasty, etc... about whatever was said or whatever you didn't like or feel was inappropriate. This is really a bunch of great dudes that love great boats but it is also far from a MBC fan-boy club as evidenced by Convertible13's post, I have been critical as well of the MBC but at the end of the day they're great boats and this forum is a wealth of knowledge that I've seen nowhere else, especially when you get these MA dudes runnin' their mouths about a 2007 double rod locker 21 Master Angler in seafoam star mist green, 4 live well limited edition blah, blah, blah... If you want drama head over to the Florida Sportsman forum, if you want to pray at the alter of Hells Bay, Microskiff.com is the spot to do that. This is where its at for anything Maverick or Yamaha related. Buy a Master Angler and don't look back. I drove a 21 from Flamingo to Summerland Key at a pretty brisk pace in some pretty snotty weather and I was more than impressed. Additionally... I personally thank you for not contributing to the prolific spread of bay boats throughout my native state of Florida. It's a tough fight but it's one we can win with hard work, education and encouraging the used boat buying public to say no to these non-indigenous invasive vessels.
  12. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    I'm gonna go with the President and Founder of a major boat manufacturer and Capt. Troy on this one as well... This is Osmotic Blistering. Osmotic blistering is not only caused by leaving a boat in the water but also can be caused by something that happened in the production of the hull. Improperly mixed resins and the presence of MEK after the resin cures will also attract water causing blisters. The fact is that ALL polyester resins develop porosity over time which may allow water to enter into the laminate which is why sometimes it occurs above the water line, especially in high humidity environments. Another fact is that 99.99% of boats are made with polyester resins (they're waaaay cheaper than epoxy resins) so there you have it. All polyesters eventually decompose in the presence of water, its science. Whether you have it addressed or not is up to you, eventually, at some point the boat will have to be sanded down and re-sprayed / gel coated, unfortunately there is no way to tell when since you have no idea how long the condition took to get to its current stage, for now its fine judging by the pics you posted. Before you call Glasser, search him on microskiff.com. I don't believe everything on the internet but I'm a good friend with one of the guys who had a Whipray at his shop for a re-furb and later took it to HB to have it finished.
  13. Hydraulic Fluid

    I temporarily put automatic transmission fluid in mine about 4 years ago... It's still in there.
  14. Launching 18HPX-V

    Either flip the receiver like Conocean said or buy a receiver with less "drop". Raising the tongue will solve your bow roller problems. Liquid roller will only expedite the rate in which your bow gets to the roller.