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  1. jason p

    21- Spitefire no longer for sale

    Thank goodness, I was starting to get antsy, especially at $250.
  2. jason p

    21- Spitefire no longer for sale

    I really thought about it but I already ready have 2 spare PTR4’s. Somebody will snatch this thing up for sure.
  3. jason p

    2600 Through Hull Transducer

    That was my first thought as well but I wasn’t gonna go there.
  4. jason p

    2600 Through Hull Transducer

    Id call the factory and ask them where they install them.
  5. jason p

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    This, or some version of this, is the way to go IMO. When you get a flat or bearing failure you only need to remove the dust cap and the axle nut and change out the whole assembly instead of dicking with lug nuts at night, during the August Jurassic horse fly hatch, in the rain, on Ingraham Hwy, etc... Channel locks and a flat head screwdriver and your good (I keep a cotter pin duct taped to the channel lock pliers)
  6. I didn’t think about having it on my phone, they’re cool with that at the gate? I do have my “boaters permit” on my phone so I guess it’s the same.
  7. You can also get your annual pass at the gate when you drive through, same $55 but you get a plastic card vs. a sheet of paper.
  8. jason p

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    Aluminum wheels on a salt water boat aren’t gonna stay nice, period. I’d never pay for them. I got my boat about 1.5 years old and the wheels were starting to peel from the lug nuts-out like always. I’ve gone so far as to have my aluminum wheels powder coated, the problem is when you install the wheels you tear through the powder coating with the lug nuts, salt water eventually gets under the coating and it’s the same issue as before. FWIW, I had a tread separate on my trusty Maxxis 8008’s and found out the warranty process is ridiculous. The nearest “trailer tire” authorized dealer was near Winter Haven, in fact all 5, yes 5, trailer tire dealers are in the same center part of the state stretching east to west from Winter Haven to Palm Bay They wanted me to mail the tire back and inspect it before they would pro rate it. Something to check into, I never thought about it and I’ve had like 4 sets of 8008s. Switched to Goodyear Endurance radials with service centers everywhere. They’re made in the U.S. again, the Chinese Marabombs are a thing of the past.
  9. As of Feb 3rd, The boater permit isn’t required until the NPS gives the rangers guidance on requirement / enforcement. Who knows when that will be. There is no longer a Flamingo “boat ramp pass” just the entrance pass (weekly, annually, etc...) is all you need. Yes... it’s cheaper for hauling a boat than in previous years. Same entrance fee for everyone, boat or not. Like Ralph said... they’re just figuring a way to get the guys coming from the north and south to pay.
  10. Got pulled over by a friend of mine for a “safety check” today in Coot Bay. When we were done I asked about the boaters permit, he told me “we are waiting further direction as far as enforcement of the ENP boater permit goes” For those that launch at Flamingo, I renewed my annual pass today for $55 and there is no longer a seperate boat ramp pass, so it ends up being less money than previous years.
  11. The way I read it there’s gonna be an increased fee for entrance to the ENP, boat or not, and that’s it. I’ll let you know when the gate guards return since my annual passes expired in December.
  12. jason p

    Boat Insurance

    Moved everything to Progressive after leaving State Farm (expensive/wouldn't insure boats or houses in FL anymore). Actually Progressive Direct which is, from what I can tell, a stripped down version of Progressive, the rates were literally half of what State a farm wanted when I moved to Homestead. I was nervous at first not having an actual “brick and mortar office” to go to or an actual agent but my fears were put to rest when my wife’s car was hit by a tractor trailer, thankfully at parking lot speeds. The entire process was actually easier than a State Farm claim I had files after hitting a deer in my truck a few years ago. As far as the boat I was able to do an agreed value policy, which in my opinion is a must on boats like these.
  13. Be careful of the pretty ones... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pam_Bondi
  14. Fingers crossed. Probably the best news I’ve gotten from someone I actually voted for in a long time.