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  1. jason p

    Question Flamingo dirty water

    Grass started dying 5-6 years ago in the northern part of the bay due to high salinity (not enough fresh water flowing down) which in turn there’s nothing holding and filtering the mud on the floor. Palm lake is probably the cleanest northern bay water, then you’ll have to run south to Man o War basin area to get back in the nice grass.
  2. jason p

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ Not sure when you weighed the boat but it may also be considerably heavier loaded for a trip to the Keys vs. a routine trip to the west coast.
  3. jason p

    2500 Side/down scan transducer mount help

    can you post a pic of the mounted transducer? Appreciate it.
  4. jason p

    Friction hinges 2500 hybrid

    They’re cool, but as stated they do have limitations. MBG did build thickness into the hatch lid molds where the hardware thru-bolts of my 2500 so they definitely thought of the stress (I wish they would have made the whole hatch lid as thick, the larger hatches have a little give to them) gas struts are better. Friction hinges on live wells and swinging doors like the console are great but everything else I’ll take struts. It’s an easy enough fix but frankly I’m a little tired of fixing assembly errors, design flaws, and shortcuts on such an expensive boat.
  5. jason p

    17 hpx remodel

    I’ve been on different boats with all different brands of holders and always liked the old, simple Stiffy holders. Yeah the front holder will snag fly line but they always work and never tear up your push pole.
  6. jason p

    Friction hinges 2500 hybrid

    Yes... all mine except the anchor locker and lower console door (the two that are rarely opened) are pretty much shot. They will send new ones for this, I replaced the fish box hinges. Gemlux has excellent customer service. Take a pic of the hinge and email to them and they’ll send new ones. Now the rest are getting pretty loose. I did experiment tightening the old hinges... was able to tighten one and snapped the hinge bolt on the other.
  7. jason p

    Maverick Spare tire cover?

    Just get a Bayliner tire cover.
  8. jason p

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I’m running them at 50psi on the new boat, did the same on the HPX... no issues.
  9. jason p

    trailer tires

    If you want to buy Maxxis, check and see where the nearest warranty service shop to your location is. It’s the reason I switched to the Goodyear endurance tires.
  10. jason p

    Not mine... Berg Master Angler on THT

    I totally forgot, sweet ride though... I’m with Shane, I’d throw an old school Morse shifter on that thing.
  11. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/1058867-sale-18-maverick-ma-complete-restoration-115-yamaha-sho.html
  12. Not at all... just a very un-scientific, backed up by absolutely no real evidence what-so-ever, personal opinion based on observations spending two to three days a week on the water.
  13. I was in the same boat (get it😂) when switching over to the bay barge and a buddy who’s affiliated with Minn Kota was pushing hard and offering a pretty sweet deal to me trying to get more talons on the water down here but the PP customer service stories on this very forum persuaded me. MinnKota has adopted the standard party line of “take it to the dealer” (or service center in their case) as the rest of the industry, that’s been my experience anyway when I’ve had trolling motor issues. Talons seem to be like E-Tecs... the only people that have, get them at a huge discount or for free. By the way this just came in the mail, 22 hours after the initial phone call...
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