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  1. HPX 18 Questions

    The drain hole and plumping is below the waterline so water will enter back through the drain hole if the boat isn't moving, if you look back while your moving it will be gone. Either put a plug or the stand pipe in the drain with the Seacock closed if your trying to keep it dry. The Seacock only closes water from the pump plumbing, if you leave it open while running, pressurized water will flow thru the livewell plumbing via the cheese grater with the pump on or off. That's on my 2010 model anyway.
  2. What to do??

    I think the main issue is the trolling motor, or use thereof. If you take the emotion out of the equation there's really no reason to take the beating (financially and physically) of a skinny water skiff if you use the trolling motor almost exclusively.
  3. What to do??

    What he said. The MA is your best bet. Especially if your on the trolling motor 90% of the time.
  4. Fuel Sending unit / Anti Siphon Valve

    ... and replace it with a regular 3/8" barb fitting. That's what I've heard anyway.
  5. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Your gonna have to introduce the Pathfinder 35 just so the pace don't look so empty.
  6. 18 HPX diff, frt. hatch locations

    I've also wondered and maybe someone with a newer 18 could tell me... does the newer design have the half-bulkhead running side-to-side up front? It almost looks like a flat floor from the tank, all the way to the inner tip of the bow with the way guys have batteries mounted in the newer 18s. If anyone has a pic of the forward inside compartment, looking all the way forward, it would be appreciated
  7. 18 HPX diff, frt. hatch locations

    Looks like the hatch may be shorter (front-to-back) on the new one. Maybe since they started using the taller gas tank instead of the shorter tank like our boats. It's the only thing I can think of. Wonder if you could get to the top of the tank to work on the sending unit, replace fuel lines or throw away the anti-siphon valve?
  8. Trailer jacks

    X2... Dutton Lainson jacks and winches are far superior to anything Fulton is currently producing.
  9. Flip up anchor light repair

    I drilled a small hole in the top of mine (so it drains when flipped down) still works after 8.5 years.
  10. Poling Platfrom Tube Size 2016 18 hpx

    My rear legs are 1 1/2" and the front's are 1 1/4". Marine aluminum is actually schedule 40 , sometimes schedule 80 aluminum pipe not tube, so it's identified by inside diameter. Tube is identified by outside diameter. I'm sure poling platforms are schedule 40. Not trying to throw semantics at you but it will probably help in buying clamp-on holders.
  11. Flat Tire Tools

    You can cut your tools, time, and effort/aggravation way down by mounting a spindle to your trailer as mentioned above. Keep the spare hub and wheel/tire on the spare spindle and just swap it out as an assembly. If you get a flat all you need is a screwdriver to pry off whatever dust cover/bearing protector you have, a pair of channel locks for the spindle nut, and pliers for the cotter pin. Pull the entire assembly off and throw it in the back of the truck and off you go.
  12. This makes total sense, I didn't think about it this way but the cooler with ice and one of my fat friends sitting on it definitely weighs more than three batteries. Good point Joe
  13. I agree with all the above points however, there's no room to do any of those things. The batteries are are on the aft section of the tank which is supported with a piece of rubber (which contains carbon, which will eventually lead to galvanic corrosion on the bare aluminum tank) against the hull. I agree the forward tab should be strong enough to support the tank, it wasn't. Even with out the weight of the batteries all the way aft there's no way a 3" long, .125" aluminum bracket and two 1/4" screws should be supporting over 200lbs. of fuel and aluminum, especially given the movement and forces exerted on the bow end of a small OCEAN GOING boat. The forward part of the tank should be supported from underneath just like the rear. The brackets should only be used to locate the tank in the compartment. I realize the math gets tricky the farther forward you go as far as the shape of the hull bottom vs. the tank bottom but come on, seriously. This "finest of shallow water skiffs" stickered for over $51K in 2010 (boat, motor, trailer only), that's over $2800 per foot, I don't think I'm being unrealistic in my expectations. When I initially spoke to a gentleman at MBC about this issue he also said something to the effect of that's a lot of weight on the back of the tank. But when I asked where else should I mount the batteries I got nothing. When I asked if that's the case, why were these boats were offered with the option of being prewired for 24V trolling motor from the factory... with the batteries in the bow? I got no real resolution to the problem. Also worth remembering mine is not an isolated incident. As far as mounting them all in the console: the decks on these Carbon/Kevlar HPX's are paper thin, not the same deal as fiberglass Pathfinder. An example: I broke off a tarpon in really nasty weather and fell, I dented the front deck with the butt of a fly rod, or my elbow, not really sure but I dented it. It's just the way they're built to keep them light. Again I'm not bashing the MBC, I was offered a no-cost repair for something that isn't covered under warranty, I'm just telling people what's really going on and getting the word out there.
  14. Cut the lifting strap loose this morning and headed to Biscayne for a shakedown run. Temporarily mounted the batteries and charger and filled her up with fuel. Of course it was flat calm so I found some Clorox bottles heading south and ran across their wakes a few times. Looks like everything is holding well, the tank didn't settle at all. I still wanna remove it and make it bigger or build a bigger tank from scratch for our 3 day winter camping trips but for now it appears to be all good. Check those mounting screws gentlemen.
  15. Pretty neat non MBG find

    Fo sho.