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  1. New Yamaha XTO’s

    I'm not sayin anyone is lying but I've always been curios how these high compression motors run on 89 octane. Maybe because they're EFI, direct injected, etc... ?
  2. Speakng of strange... There seems to be a couple of posts from this thread that have gone missing? Very strange indeed.
  3. Inboard Pathfinder???

    Only down here for sure. This is what happens after your brother, who stole the boat and stripped it, has a hull sitting under mango trees in the back yard for a year waiting for the dudes in Hialeah to make a new hull ID plate and print off a title. Tying it up at the Venetian Causeway marina for some picks makes it seem less nefarious.
  4. The arc from the TIG torch must have activated the power circuit on the plotter
  5. Culinary question

    What he said. A lot of people will also fill a bag with water and the fish then freeze the whole deal, it works but not as good as rubble's method.
  6. NMEA 2000 installation

    I had to run a cable from my motor to my network but if I remember correctly the gauges have something to do with it, mine are not command link. Call BOE marine, they're incredibly knowledgeable in electronics and they'll know exactly what you need.
  7. They're two different trailers. The swing tongue trailer's I-beams converge much further aft to allow room for the hinge on the tongue. Do you absolutely need a swing tongue Mogan? The reason I ask I've replaced the tongue on my swing tongue trailer to a solid tongue because I've had the bolt and the pin on the hinge fail on two separate occasions.

    I have the same set up, which other than the mediocre rigging is the dumbest thing Maverick did during these years (mine is a 2010) putting these boats together. I say that because the PVC board is glued to the top of the gas tank with a product called Weld-on... It's not coming off. The front is bolted to a L bracket that is bolted to a rib towards the front of the bow. My shelf has cracked, side to side, and is buckled so the the only thing I can store up there is very light things. My next project is to cut the shelf off flush with the front if the tank and then build a small shelf (big enough for two TM batteries) as far down and forward into the "V" as possible. Which to Mavericks credit is what they do now.
  9. Search on The Hull Truth forum, that's what I used the first time I did mine. A guy did a pretty decent write-up with pictures. I've done a couple since and it's really no big deal. Once you get over spending $40 for a couple of o rings and a gasket it's pretty smooth sailing. One note of caution: When you disassemble the helm you'll see several spring- loaded pistons in the pump body, similar to bullets in a revolver cylinder. Do not push the pistons down into the cylinder before you remove them and clean everything. Depending on the amount of contamination in the helm the piston may stick in the down position inside if the cylinder then you're pretty much done for. If you decide to do it you will see what I'm talking about. Like stated before, it's a very simple hydraulic system. I went into like this... The worst that can happen is you can't get it back together or it still isn't right when you re-install the helm then you send it off to Boat Steering Rebuilders anyway and you're out $40 and some of your time. If you pay attention to what you're doing and get it done, you saved yourself a couple hundred bucks and a couple weeks down-time.
  10. Does Anyone Use A Float Switch?

    If there is an "internal switch" there will be a test button located under where the wires go into the pump body of a Rule pump ( the Rules I've seen anyway), Attwoods have a test button mounted on the side of the pump body. If your unfamiliar with these newer style automatic bilge pumps you wouldn't know it's even there, especially on the Rule pumps.
  11. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Ok, now that this 2nd Ammendment, AR (Armalite Rifle btw), $500 cooler issue is cooling off let's get serious... Bilge pumps
  12. Maverick HPX 18 Questions

    What Paul said plus you can get a piece of SeaDek cut (professionally so it looks nice) and put it somewhere for the pooch. My neighbor has a square between the cooler and the front bulkhead of his Marquesa for his lab. Labs being as smart as they are... when the motor cranks he gets on the pad for the trip to wherever.
  13. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    If anyone wants to blow up a 105 just send it to me...as well as the "many guns that are already banned or outlawed". I'll pay the freight.
  14. Trolling motor question

    ... but you won't be able to afford gas. On a serious note if you do decide to go AGM's, I have 2 Odyssey PC1500's in my boat that are almost 12 years old. the first 5 years of their life was spent on a bass boat and then I got them.
  15. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    It's sooooo much easier on your eyes due to the reduced glare. My entire cap is light blue, it's worth the cost if ordering new.