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  1. need help with final upgrade

    Any mentioned above will be great, as Dino said its worth the drive to have it done right... the first time. I drove by more than a few shops in Miami-Dade all the way to Pompano to have Bob at IMS work on my HPX.
  2. HPXT fuel line

    ... Next time you do this buy a 3/8" union (or whatever size line you have) and attattch the old to the new, then when you're removing the old line you're also pulling new line through.
  3. Cowling Restoration/Re Paint

    Everyone's got a guy in Hialeah for something.
  4. Insurance Renewal Question?

    If Coastal NC goes the way of FL ( I can only speak to Miami-Dade) brace yourself for your homeowners renewal. Mine has increased $700-ish per year the last 3 years.
  5. Insurance Renewal Question?

    It's funny Chuck, my wife and I just read over and signed a new homeowners policy last night and she asked... " I wonder when they're gonna start putting hurricane deductibles on our boats and cars?" I know some people take exception with Progressive because of various reasons but I must say we filed a auto claim 2 years ago and it was absolutely seamless. I guess 10 years ago now someone ran into my truck in a parking lot when i had a "blue chip" insurance company (who by the way won't cover my boat or home any longer) and it was a battle the whole way. I have an "agreed value" policy through progressive currently on the HPX.
  6. Smith optics warranty

    I like my Costa's as well, I just made the unfortunate mistake of buying Blackfins with the rubber on the frame and arms. Seemed like after a year or so of daily use it all starts coming apart. They are back ups now, my Smiths are much more bright, to my eyes anyway. My wife on the other hand could wreck an anvil in a sandbox so she regularly utilizes the Costa repair facility, I'm pretty sure they are losing money on her... well until a pair goes in the water anyway.
  7. Oyster Rash

    As Troy said, don't sweat it until you get down to the dark meat. It's all part of the deal in N. FL. Mine still looks like that and I left 3.5 years ago.
  8. Smith optics warranty

    Can't we just say we're all sick of spending $13 for "processing" plus shipping to Daytona to utilize Costa's "no hassle lifetime warranty" and being without our $250 glasses for 3-4 weeks
  9. HPX 18 Questions

    The drain hole and plumping is below the waterline so water will enter back through the drain hole if the boat isn't moving, if you look back while your moving it will be gone. Either put a plug or the stand pipe in the drain with the Seacock closed if your trying to keep it dry. The Seacock only closes water from the pump plumbing, if you leave it open while running, pressurized water will flow thru the livewell plumbing via the cheese grater with the pump on or off. That's on my 2010 model anyway.
  10. What to do??

    I think the main issue is the trolling motor, or use thereof. If you take the emotion out of the equation there's really no reason to take the beating (financially and physically) of a skinny water skiff if you use the trolling motor almost exclusively.
  11. What to do??

    What he said. The MA is your best bet. Especially if your on the trolling motor 90% of the time.
  12. Fuel Sending unit / Anti Siphon Valve

    ... and replace it with a regular 3/8" barb fitting. That's what I've heard anyway.
  13. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Your gonna have to introduce the Pathfinder 35 just so the pace don't look so empty.
  14. 18 HPX diff, frt. hatch locations

    I've also wondered and maybe someone with a newer 18 could tell me... does the newer design have the half-bulkhead running side-to-side up front? It almost looks like a flat floor from the tank, all the way to the inner tip of the bow with the way guys have batteries mounted in the newer 18s. If anyone has a pic of the forward inside compartment, looking all the way forward, it would be appreciated
  15. 18 HPX diff, frt. hatch locations

    Looks like the hatch may be shorter (front-to-back) on the new one. Maybe since they started using the taller gas tank instead of the shorter tank like our boats. It's the only thing I can think of. Wonder if you could get to the top of the tank to work on the sending unit, replace fuel lines or throw away the anti-siphon valve?