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  1. jason p

    2500 / Transom mount transducer

    Thanks Capt. could you tell me where they are mounted, side-to-side in relation to the keel... and are they mounted flush with the hull bottom or slightly higher/lower? I come from poling skiffs and know nothing of transducers and correct placement. Appreciate it.
  2. jason p

    2500 / Transom mount transducer

    There is a spot for the thru hull under the batteries, I’m just trying not to do that right now, my Simrad GO9 only has one sonar output so I can’t run two transducers. Have you ever tried reading bottom while on plane with your transom mounted Transducer?
  3. jason p

    2500 / Transom mount transducer

    I know in theory transom mount transducers an step hulls don’t work very well, I have a Simrad Total Scan mounted on the engine bracket ( the molded fiberglass transom bracket not the jack plate) so it’s 12” out of the water on plane and obviously doesn’t read bottom. Has anyone had any luck, reading bottom on plane, with a transducer mounted in the “traditional location” bottom of the transom of a stepped hull Pathfinder? I’d like to hear from others before going through the trouble and putting more holes in the boat relocating to the bottom of the transom, if not I’ll just leave it where it is. The original owner installed a GO9 so there’s only one transducer output and I’d rather just stick with what I have if possible instead of installing a thru-hull.
  4. jason p

    New 2500 Owner

    Would the cup/rod holder not fit forward of the gas cap? Not sure but I think I’ve seen rod holders mounted there before on another boat.
  5. jason p

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Not sure how others are but my stbd drain isn’t connected to any other drain and goes directly to the the stbd. thru hull fitting on the transom. The port hatch lid drain and the Livewell lid drain are connected and exit through the port thru hull fitting. I may be loosing my mind but I’m pretty sure the 2500 I crawled all over at Caribee Marine didn’t have a liner under the stbd side hatch, it was just open to the bilge.
  6. jason p

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Trust me it wasn't something I wanted to do but once i realized it wasn't clogged and the hose was routed incorrectly or was too long there was no other way to resolve the problem. It's not like you can access either end of the hose from the bilge. I can't anyway. Mine wouldn't drain at all and would hold water until it overflowed the gutter and ended up in the compartment, so I figured what's it gonna hurt?
  7. jason p

    Cracked T top

    Go to your dealer first, if your not happy with their answer then call the factory. I’ve seen this happen a few times before on boats with hard tops.
  8. jason p


    OK I’ll be the selfish one here even though I know many others are wondering... I’m not gonna have to start watching the weather channel and silly-*** Jim Cantori stand between two buildings with a water hose pointed at him to figure out if I need to head north every time a storm clears the D.R.? And of course, congratulations. I can’t fathom what you guys deal with as police officers. Thank you.
  9. I’m on my second Ameratrail and I don’t think they’re anything special, especially for what they charge for them. I buy used boats so I never paid the premium for one but if spending that kind of money I’d go with the Rolls.
  10. jason p

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Not sure it would be water tight, you may have to buy one and experiment. The one I installed definitely wouldn’t be watertight but it’s pretty a big hatch, 10x14” if I recall. Maybe a smaller screw-in type round plate would hold water. I will tell you the issue with my stbd. drain line wasn’t a clog or foreign object, the line installed was too long causing an upward bow in the drain hose. I ended up cutting almost six inches off the hose and reconnecting it to the thru-hull fitting in the transom.
  11. jason p

    2400 TRS Deck Drain Issue

    If I understand what your saying it sounds like the port lid drains out the stbd side transom thru-hull fitting? Mine are port-to-port / stbd-to-stbd. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get to the drain hose through any of the factory access hatches, I cant anyway. Fortunately for me it was my stbd. hatch lid drain. Since my stbd hatch is only used for dry storage I ended up cutting my own access hatch in the rear wall of the liner so I could access the thru-hull drain fitting on the transom and then installing a Beckson type hatch over the hole I made.
  12. jason p

    New 2500 Owner

    ... and don’t forget to get some duct tape at Home Depot if you wanna flush the motor with muffs. Gotta love these $2 solutions to $100K boat issues😁
  13. jason p

    2500 Build

    I just got one (used 2018) and I agree the Weblon top is the way to go. Mine also has the “standard” leaning post with cooler underneath. The bench is plenty comfortable and having a 80qt cooler underneath is awesome. I installed a cooler slide as well which was a game changer. I don’t have power steering but I would probably get it if ordering new. That 300 takes some muscle at speed. The wiring is there so it’s something I may install at a later date. I wouldn’t do powder coating, I know it looks cool but mine is already coming off in places. Powder Coating has always, and will always peel in saltwater environments. Others have had luck with it but I’ve never seen an older boat with intact powder coating, again I buy boats used so it’s just something I have to live with but I would never order it new. The fish box macerator and second Livewell is also a must in my opinion. I have a Simrad Total Scan transducer installed on the molded in motor bracket I guess you'd call it on the transom so on plane it like 8” out of the water not sure why the original owner did it ( the joys of buying used) I haven’t moved it but I think you need a thru-hull to get a reading on plane regardless due to the step hull. Maybe someone else with one mounted on the bottom of the transom will chime in, I haven’t had a chance to move mine yet. Pathfinder installs the same wiring harness for every boat so if you want to add accessories later on, the wiring, switches, and circuit breakers are already there and clearly labeled. I installed a second Power Pole on mine and it couldn’t have been easier. I wouldn’t spend the money on an Ameratrail trailer. I’ve had two and currently have one on the 2500 and they’re nothing special. Not for $7K anyway. A similar continental is much less money, just as good, and easier to get parts for. With the money saved you could install SS brakes and still have money left over. If you must spend $7K get a Rolls, at least then you won’t have to ever replace the axles. I put aluminum wheels in the same category as powder coating, looks cool for awhile... but it gets ugly in a hurry when they start to corrode.
  14. jason p

    Permit Recipes

    They’re Pompano, plain and simple.
  15. jason p

    2400 TRS Deck Drain Issue

    I had the same issue on my new to me 2500 with the stbd. rear hatch drain. As skip said it was a routing problem, as in whoever installed the hose used about eight inches too much causing a big dip in the drain hose.
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