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  1. jason p

    Will Simrad Go9 fit??

    No it will be fine. I have the same unit flush mounted on my 2500, under a t-top with no external antenna.
  2. jason p

    Will Simrad Go9 fit??

    Here’s a PDF template for the machine. Print it out and you’ll know for sure, make sure you have the printer set to 100% ftp://software.simrad-yachting.com/documents/GO9-VULCAN9_MT_988-11170-001_w.pdf
  3. jason p

    2500 extra storage space-Skip

    Did you get the battery from Stealth with the charger?
  4. jason p

    VHF antenna mount ideas on poling platform

    This is the answer for a skiff, hands down. You can mount a fixed VHF in any compartment and plug in the antenna when needed so you have 25W of power without having to work around permanently installed antennas. Ive always done the same with pretty incredible results except my “custom mount” was two large zip ties I stored with my 36” Metz antenna in a PVC pipe.
  5. jason p

    2500 extra storage space-Skip

    Is the area forward of the batteries where the wash down tank is installed?
  6. jason p

    2500 seat sagging

    Awesome man, happy for ya.
  7. jason p

    2500 seat sagging

    You’re right, it shouldn’t break in the first place but it sounds like they’re trying to make it right which is all you can ask. I’m petty old school about fishing boats and try to keep them as simple as possible, it gets harder and harder though with all the technology and “comfort” that gets built into these things to stay relevant in the market.
  8. jason p

    24v or 36v? 60” shaft or longer 2200 TRS

    I’ve always heard the 60” is the way to go but again it depends how you fish. I do a lot of bottom fishing and kite fishing in my 2500 and the 72” is great when the waves pick up a little bit.
  9. jason p

    Powerpole issues

    That’s the way they’re usually hooked up. You could run a separate circuit off one of your batteries NOT BOTH like your TM, but it really wouldn’t gain you anything.
  10. jason p

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    Must not have crocodiles & alligators where you fish.
  11. jason p

    Trying to Buy a Pathfinder

    I’d give the factory a call and see what they say you should do. They may tell you you need to order one but I really have no idea the arrangement the factory and the dealers have with each other. Usually there is some sort of allocation that each dealer gets a certain number of boats/models. Why a dealer wouldn't sell you a boat because your in another dealers “territory” may be part of the deal... but again, i have no idea. I do know the dealer closest to me (Caribee Boat’s in Islamorada) was on their last 2019 2500 back in June and after that you had to wait until the 2020s started rolling out. It’s easy to get someone on the phone at the MBC and I’m sure they’ll have you at least talking to someone who knows the answers you’re looking for.
  12. jason p

    2500 Hybrid Carbon Logos...

    Who made the logos? I’d love to have some black ones for mine.
  13. jason p

    2500 seat sagging

    Not sure if it’s “normal” but I routinely fish on a Sea Hunter with a three wide Lebroc set up and all the bolsters are at different levels. Again I don’t think it’s “right”, especially for what they charge for them.
  14. jason p

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    I’m kinda confused on what you are trying accomplish because the “last boat in pic” as you describe has the back rests installed. As far as getting ahold of “sberry” just call the factory and ask for Steve Berry and he’ll answer what ever you need to know or find out for you.
  15. jason p

    More Yamaha SHO woes...

    Does any one know if it was just the SHO motors or was it all the 4.2L motors? It’s, kinda got me thinking I need to look at my F300.
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