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  1. Redfisher 16 - Garage Storage Length/Width/Height

    @lurem Appreciate the measurements. I am sure this is going to help any Hewes RF 16 prospective buyers who are looking to store in the garage. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Redfisher 16 - Garage Storage Length/Width/Height

    Appreciate the responsiveness everyone. This was well beyond what I expected! You all saved me a few hours and car rides to the dealer. If I can also ask for the beam from tire to tire. That would be awesome. @lurem If you could, the more measurements the better. Does yours have a Swing Tongue? I see Linesiders did not along with no jack plate..Thanks! So depending on what RF/Trailer is equipped with we may be talking give or take a few inches ( Jack plate, Swing Tongue) @linesider 159 19'3" would be what to expect if swing tongue is incorporated?
  3. Hello Everyone, I recently sold my 2003 17' Master Angler and moved to Northeast Florida. (yes kicking myself as that ride was great for my new location and fully equipped). But let's move past that, after looking at how I interacted with my MA, there were some factors which the 16 RedFisher accommodates for me better. With that being said, my questions in this post revolve around the Dimensions of the Hewes RedFisher 16. Note: I will be storing this boat in my garage as well. Keep me honest, I have been looking around regarding the dimensions of what to expect with the boat on a trailer. But before I get a Dealer involved, I wanted to run some rough numbers and see if that will work for me. If this thread does not pan out, I will reach out to the local Dealer here and obtain the measurements myself and update the thread with those. But I am sure this will be helpful for those anglers who are looking for a skiff to store it in their garages. This way the thread will be out there for those with similar interests. RedFisher 16' Length LOA = 16' 5" Engine = adds 2.5 feet in the stern - (Jackplate recomended?) (looking at equipping it with the F90 unless suggest otherwise) Trailer = usually adds 2 feet added on Bow Looking to take advantage of a swing tongue. What is the standard recouped distance on the Standard Hewes Trailer? (1- 2ft?) Total Length~ 20 - 21.5? Width - Beam - 7' 2" - tacking on 1 ft for trailer post lights and wheel fender cover- (Able to say 8.5 -9 ?) Height - Not sure how high it stands (including the factory Poling is 34" ). Also plan on incorporating a Power Pole( will be able to lower and extend to fit). Not exactly sure what to expect with Height. Thanks ahead of time for anyone able to help with this. -FN
  4. 2016 Maverick HPX-S PRICE REDUCED

    Thanks for the speedy reply! GLWS
  5. 2016 Maverick HPX-S PRICE REDUCED

    Nice ride..Sooo.. why you selling it? Fixed position Jack Plate? or Atlas? Anyway to make images larger.. May help with sale.
  6. 2003 Maverick Master Angler 17'

    Boat has been Sold. Enjoy the ride!
  7. 2003 Maverick Master Angler 17'

    Thanks everyone. It has been a great ride and I am sorry to have to see her go. New location has no room.
  8. 2003 Maverick Master Angler 17'

    Boat Located in Boca Raton FL
  9. 2003 Maverick Master Angler 17'

    2003 Maverick Master Angler 17' 2003 Yahama F150 - ~ 1000hrs Single Axle - Rolls Axle Trailer Please Note: Gauge says ~1650 hours - Gauges were reused from previous owner when the boat was repowered.The previous engine was a 2 Stroke and then repowered with the F150. Reason for Sale: Moving up North and no room in new location, need sell before moving. Otherwise I would not sell. Garage Kept last 4.5 Years -Cleaned and rinsed before put away every time. **Ask Nosy neighbors if you don’t believe me. Routine Service completed every 100 hours - again ask neighbors - Came to house - Recently had Engine VST cleaned with last 100 hour service. Overall- This boat is incredibly dry for it being on the smaller end it runs really shallow. Easily perform all sorts of fishing the last 4.5 years: Flats, Bass, you name it. I trailer this all over the state and will miss it. Features: New 55 lb Salt Water Xi5 MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motor - new Battery and Charger (Room for 1 more battery) - Installed Mid February Electric Jack Plate 8 ft Power Pole with switch on console White Under Water lights Interior LED Running lights 2 Removable seats 2 Live wells - 1 was converted from storage to live well from Previous owner- 1 live well was enough for my use. Polk Audio speakers with tweeters w/ BlueTooth Head Unit inside center console 3 Batteries in total - 1 Trolling - 1 House(Sandbar) and 1 starter Outdoor Cover Included Yes, this is a 15 year old boat in great shape with that said, there are minor scratches, dings in a few areas of the boat. (Which does not impede the performance. Most are overlooked unless scrutinizing every inch). If you want to be that person, this may not be the boat for you. Most people are un-aware as they are wear and tear over 15 years. Most if not all of which were from the previous owner. Overall the boat is in Good shape and has been cared for and been a great ride. Email with Subject - Maverick if interested. I will get back to you as soon as possible. BCN09c@gmail.com 17,500 OBO
  10. Master Angler 17’2003

    Thanks Gents! The Boat is located in Boca Raton FL
  11. Master Angler 17’2003

    Maverick - Master Angler 17’2003 This is a fully loaded Maverick Master Angler 2003 with Rolls Axle Trailer. This boat has been fully serviced and well taken care of. I am the second owner of this ride and love it, but I am moving and need to sell her by end of summer. This boat was garage kept and always cleaned and flushed before every put away. Hate to see her go. Started her every weekend and never given any trouble. Will not accept any low ball offers. Engine: Yamaha F150 600Hrs. Plenty of life on this engine. Note about Gauges: The Engine was taken from another boat by the first owner. He left the gauges and throttle from the previous 2 Stroke. The gauges are displaying ~1400 Hrs, but if you ask any mechanic, the gauges were for the 2 stroke and that the gauges are separate from the engine timer. If tested the engine reads ~600. Features of the boat: 8 Ft Power Pole Pro Series Garmin Depth Finder Electronic Jack Plate with controls on steering Live well pump running strong. Rinsed and run every time boat put away. Pioneer Head Unit – Bluetooth enabled for easy streaming from phone. Polk Audio speakers & Tweeters (Sounds great) Bow Heading lights (Red/Green) LED. Gunnel Purple/Blue LED lighting throughout with Redfish/Snook Seadeck cutout Underwater LED Bait/Appearance Lighting (Very Bright) Trolling motor connection at front of boat, battery wiring included and run inside front hatch. This hatch was dedicated for batteries; I removed the 2 batteries and now use as storage. Battery holders and connections are ready for trolling motor/batteries hookup. Asking 19,500 OBO Will Sea trial for serious buyers only! Email: BCN09C@gmail.com Phone: 954-two54-758one