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  1. Thanks!...Glad to see they are doing another group photo. Maybe this time one will actually get posted since I haven't seen one in two years.
  2. Any word on when that might be? October again?
  3. 2016 SC OT......

    Ok...will there be another tournament this year in Charleston (2017), and if so...has a date been set?
  4. 2 weeks in Marathon.

    Honestly I didn't take many pics. here is a couple..one of a short grouper by the Seven Mile Bridge, and the other of a screen shot off my sounder showing the depth. I'll see if I can dig up some more.
  5. 2 weeks in Marathon.

    Fished the Pathfinder for two weeks. First week was breezy and couldn't get offshore, but got tons of Grunts, some short mutton (I can hardly tell the difference in a Mutton and a Lane), several short red grouper and one gag. Second week went offshore 4 days. Found lots of dolphin under birds, but 90% were short. Caught a few Blackfins, once again under birds. Also, 1 decent Wahoo. Farthest we went out was 850 ft. Run and gun was the most productive. Did find a floating 5 gallon bucket with lots of fish (triple tail, some fish that looked sort of like a wanna be jack and all the dolphin you wanted to mess with.
  6. Marathon Trip

    Maybe we will pass each other on the highway!
  7. Marathon Trip

    When are you going? I'll be there in Marathon from 07-02 thru 07-16. Might be able to help you out.
  8. 2016 SC OT......

    It was great fun as usual. Between the 3 of us we checked in 11 flounder and 4 Redfish. Not great, but ok.
  9. 2016 SC OT......

    Elliott...I need another ticket...3X t-shirt. tried to order another one, but said sales are closed. Talked to Deidra..she said she would look into it. Thanks. John
  10. 1/2 ton towing 24 or 26 pathy

    I have a F150 EB, 373 rear, 4 X 4, and it pulls my 23HPS with no problem. Gets between 10-12 mph depending on the speed. I've pulled it 3 times from Charleston SC the Keys and to Crystal River. With that being said: Mu buddy has a Duramax and I can say that when I pull it with his, it doesn't shift gears on I-95 going up an over p*** like mine does and it gets much better mileage.
  11. 2016 SC OT......

    Yes...there will be a tournament sponsored by Palmetto Boat sales. Deidre is the point of contact. Forgive me Deidre if I have your name spelled wrong. 843) 266-6500
  12. Cooler slide out

    I have it and you really need to put some white silicon grease on the slides with the cooler out..or at least I did. It does not slide that easily and in my boat, you have to sit on the back deck, use one hand to pull the latching pin out and the other hand to pull the cooler out. Such a PIA, that Pathfinder doesn't even offer it as an option anymore.
  13. 2016 SC OT......

    In the past few years, Barrier Island Marine sponsored it and you could keep your boat in their storage yard, but they no longer sell MBC products and the new Pathfinder dealer doesn't look like they have a very big area to store a boat. I'm going to the boat show this Friday, so I will ask them about the tournament and see what their plans are. I'll report back.
  14. 2016 SC OT......

    Will there be one again in Charleston this year?
  15. Charlie, will Haddrells offer the 10% discount again this year for tournament?