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  1. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    I would not add one. Just in my experience, two of my friends have 18.5 MAs with jack plates and my 17 MA has a much drier ride and is more balanced w/o a jackplate. I can also get my bow up much better than they can using the tabs. I will say it would be nice sometimes to have the jackplate when idling a shallow flat.
  2. Post your MA pics here!

    Here's mine in front of the bridge to Boca Grande. It's a 2000 MA 17
  3. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    I didn't opt for welded bunks, but they certainly have that option for you. Call Jeff Owens over there and he will get you set up.
  4. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    Here is my 2017 Owens and Sons. $2,500 out the door and custom fitted to my boat.
  5. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    Owens and Sons in St Pete, FL
  6. Maverick 17, 1998

    The hull is only rated for 130hp. You can push it with the 140hp but that's the maximum.
  7. Pathinder 2200XL F225 Yamaha for Sale

    Are you giving it away for free?
  8. 18.5 MA Starting Batt to Console?

    I would not get rid of the tabs.
  9. F115

    Do you have pictures? I'm interested, also in Tampa.
  10. LOOP carbon fiber premium PUSH POLE

    Where are you located?
  11. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Here is a quick release mount on the stern of my 17 MA. When it's deployed it is to the left of the trim tab.
  12. Advice on Re-Installing Poling Platfrom - 98 18' MA

    You're on your own.
  13. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Plenty of people put the bow mount on the stern of skiffs. Just don't open that hatch as far and there is plenty of clearance.
  14. Master Angler Production

    I believe if they do bring back any of the MA series, it will be the 21.
  15. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Is just the deck piece available online or do you have to call and special order?