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  1. 1991 Hewes Bonefisher for sale

    Still available?
  2. Sea Claw anchor (original) for sale

    Does the anchor have the 14" or 18" crossbar?
  3. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    If you need to be in less than a foot and poling then the MA is not for you. I had a 17MA and real draft is 12". It's great crossing Tampa Bay, but I would not want to pole that boat for an extended period of time and it's even worse with any wind other than at your back due to its large beam. Also, the MA has a lot of hull slap and is noisy due to its sharp V entry. The MA, Mirage, and HPX-V are all completely different boats. I think you would be happy with a HPX-V but you will be hard pressed to find a good one under $20K. An older Mirage might be your best option. It's provides an average ride across Tampa Bay and a lot easier to pole in less than a foot. And you will find more Mirages in your stated price range.
  4. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Got my removable TH Marine hatch direct in 3 days...
  5. Sold - 2005 Mirage HPX for sale

    Sent you a PM
  6. Lake O Red tide!

    If you're looking for a good book to read pick up "The Swamp". It discusses the whole history and politics behind this mess.
  7. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    And.... A WAKEUP!!!!!
  8. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Would be nice if someone from MBG would chime in to clear all of this up and provide some history in the design changes....
  9. birdsall backrest

    I have the backrest that measures 16" and 60" across
  10. Trim tab switches

    I have power to the switch because the tab goes down, but not up. So I think I can rule out a fuse or power issue to the switch. I checked all connections to the switch and they were intact. I believe it has to be the switch unless I am missing something.
  11. Trim tab switches

    I put the wires from the trim tab directly on my starting battery bypassing any switch or connection. The tab worked perfectly. I reconnected the wires to the ones coming from the switch and the tab would only go down, not up.
  12. Trim tab switches

    Does anyone know where I can buy these switches? It is a trim tab switch on my Master Angler.
  13. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    62 days and a WAKEUP!!!