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  1. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    62 days and a WAKEUP!!!
  2. 2011 Maverick 18 HPX-V for Sale. SOLD. THANKS.

    http://saltyshores.com/wordpress/2013/06/17/flyfishing/for-sale-2011-maverick-mirage-18-hpx-v/ Same boat??
  3. Newbie 97 Maverick RL

    I think you did pretty well. Nice Owens and Sons Trailer, slap your new motor on there, and you're ready to go. The dual rod locker that you have is a rare find at that price. Enjoy!
  4. Trailer Tires

  5. Latches

    Has anyone installed locking latches on their older MA? I have a 2000 and the cheap plastic hatch locks have broken off and I want to replace with a stainless latches. The make and model of the ones you chose and any tips for installation are much appreciated.
  6. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    That boat you upgrade to for $25-30K most likely won't have a brand new motor. And you will probably have to spend more money on the upgraded boat to get it the way you want it.
  7. Fuel Delivery Issue

    Could be fouled spark plugs
  8. 2007 17' Maverick HPX-V

    Interested. Sent you a PM.
  9. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    What size Bearing Buddy do you use?
  10. 2005 Pathfinder TE

    Great ad....
  11. trailer

    Owens and Sons in St. Pete. I assume "around tarpon" you mean Tarpon Springs?
  12. Flamingo fishing in winter

    Is that the A-loop?
  13. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    I would hire legal counsel on a contingency fee basis.
  14. Bilge pump float switch

    The bilge pumps with built in floats tend to have issues. I would install a separate float switch and wire it directly to your battery and pump w/o a switch.