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  1. looking for a new tackle box

    I gave up on those soft side tackle boxes and went back to the Plano plastic guide box. Fits in the forward storage and stays dry.
  2. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    The same is happening up here in the panhandle especially St. Andrews bay and we have very little agriculture except for miles of pine forest. North Bay and West bay are being highly impacted by runoff from developments on Panama City beach. Grand Lagoon has turned into a cess pool on some days. Many miles of once thick grass flats with turtle grass are gone or endangered and a slime of some sort is covering a lot of the grass chocking it out. Not to mention the diversion of freshwater for the growing population and tourist. As the old saying goes,,, 20 pounds of manure in a 10 pound bag makes a mess!
  3. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Every drop of gasoline that comes into the state is ethanol free. The only difference is the octane ratings. they are all separated. The ethanol is splashed(metered) in to the truck as it is loaded. the amount depends on the customer but it is normally 6-8%. As the gas and ethanol are loaded the additives are also splashed in, all depending on the customer. Exxon brand gets it's additives, Chevron theirs etc. Unbranded gas stations normally just get the ethanol.
  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I may have posted this before but, the company I drive for we were hauling oil out of the Shell refinery in Granite city Il. It was two stroke oil and 6500 gallons per load. I would take it to either Indianapolis In. or St Rose La. to a processor. They would make several brands of two stroke oil. The only difference was the blends that each customer required, mostly the color! They all basically had the same types of additives. I was told by an operator that each brand has it's own "recipe". bottom line as I see it, the big name brands are basically all the same. Except price!LOL
  5. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    I find it disingenuous to totally blame agriculture for this problem, big sugar or not. Millions of people wanted their slice of Florida paradise and they got it! Ag has been in Florida for over 100 years, and a lot bigger than it is today. Where were these algae problems back in the 1940's,50's thru the 70's?? Everyone is demanding that something be done, okay,,,,,,What??? Remove thedyke from the lake? aint going to happen. Bulldoze down all those tracts of houses, golf courses and shopping centers? Good luck with that. Look at yourselves. Unnatural lawns, sea walls, septic tanks in low lying areas, parking lots and the heavy use of fertilizers, insecticides etc. And I'm not so sure that Red Tide is directly related to the algae bloom?? Maybe it's coincidental? Or a perfect storm?
  6. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    I have no complaints about the 150. 22TE t top tower, live wells. Plenty of power and sips gas. And fast enough. No need to run 70mph
  7. Fresh water wash

    Where the water comes from has little bearing. Water sitting in an enclosed space will get mold and algae. Unless your using that water tank every day filling and emptying it the water will become stagnant. Putting a little chlorine bleach will help prevent it.
  8. 2002 2200v deck cooler anchors issue

    I would just epoxy them in or just remove them altogether. Fill and seal the holes. I use a Engel cooler and it stays in place without any tie downs.
  9. Any suggestions?

    Looks like you would be better off taking it to a machine shop and have them drill it out, retap it and go the next size up for the new bolt.
  10. Towing 2200V as a tender

    When your towing it’s not so much the attachment point but rather the amount of scope of the tow line.
  11. Tower on 22’ Path

    You could drill a small hole and see if any aluminum filings come out?
  12. Trim Tab Power

    Holy smokes!!! I hope the new one gets a little CRC and some dielectric grease?
  13. Towing 2200V as a tender

    What does your insurance say about towing it
  14. Towing a 22 pathfinder

    You can tow a 30’ boat with a riding lawnmower. The key is controlling what your towing/pulling. As a truck driver I see it every day, a under sized vehicle towing something that’s to much for it to handle often with disastrous results. As others have said, get a full size truck like a F150/250 or a full size suv. You will appreciate it when you crest that hill on I75 and traffic is at a standstill.
  15. Fishing shoes

    I normally NEVER wear shoes on my boat. But, I have a pair of the soft science canvas tops and I will wear them(cold days) and have tried them on the boat a couple of times, no slip, no marks and extremely comfortable. I still will keep a pair of Florida Rebocks on board just un case(white seafood boots)