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  1. Trim Tab Power

    Holy smokes!!! I hope the new one gets a little CRC and some dielectric grease?
  2. Towing 2200V as a tender

    What does your insurance say about towing it
  3. Towing a 22 pathfinder

    You can tow a 30’ boat with a riding lawnmower. The key is controlling what your towing/pulling. As a truck driver I see it every day, a under sized vehicle towing something that’s to much for it to handle often with disastrous results. As others have said, get a full size truck like a F150/250 or a full size suv. You will appreciate it when you crest that hill on I75 and traffic is at a standstill.
  4. Fishing shoes

    I normally NEVER wear shoes on my boat. But, I have a pair of the soft science canvas tops and I will wear them(cold days) and have tried them on the boat a couple of times, no slip, no marks and extremely comfortable. I still will keep a pair of Florida Rebocks on board just un case(white seafood boots)
  5. 2200V position on trailer

    As long as the tow vehicle can support that much weight on the bumper. You will be surprised how little tongue weight will sag a new vehicle!
  6. Scum line what do you use?

    Simple Green has always worked for me.
  7. Woodys Wax / Salt Away Flush Opinions?

    Not all freshwater is created equal. Some rivers or bays have more sediments suspended in them that are worse than seawater.
  8. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    You guys must be fishing in some pretty boring civilized places?
  9. Woodys Wax / Salt Away Flush Opinions?

    The problem with using salt away and other products on a older engine is that it will break away build ups of crust that has accumulated over the years then those pieces migrate into the cooling jackets causing hot spots. If you start using salt away on a new motor that should not be a problem. I just flush mine with both the ear muffs and the hose attachment. I replaced the water pump yesterday, it looked brand new! Original and over 400 hours on it. A little bit of sand scuff but other than that nothing else.
  10. All Quiet for Now

    Here in Panama City a big todo about nothing. Just some rain and wind. Summer squalls are worse.
  11. Trim tab switches

    This place should have them. Call their customer service, very helpful and they carry a quality switch, better than the ones your using now. i replaced all the switches on my boat with them. https://www.go2marine.com/index.jsp
  12. 22TRS Height with and without a T-Top while on Trailer

    With the top. The pic shows how tall it is. That measurement of 12'3" is from the road to the top of those rod holders. The anchor light and antenna are folded down when being trailer.
  13. Cockpit drain clog

    I use my gas powered leaf blower. Stick it on the deck drain and give it the gas! You will be shocked what comes out!
  14. 22TRS Height with and without a T-Top while on Trailer

    mine is 12'3" on the trailer. And if I remember correctly it is 32' from tip of the hitch to the tip of the motor skeg tilted in the towing position.
  15. Any do it yourself painters?

    three words of advice,,, Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! You can buy the best paint in the world but it ain't worth a *** if the proper prep work isn't done right.