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  1. mustang190

    outboard motor support

    A 2x4. Place it cross ways on the support bracket and drop the motor down. I was using the My wedge motor guard but it caused the tilt seals to leak.
  2. mustang190

    Best years for 22 TE

    Mine was delivered in September 2013. Never had a problem with water backing in. The only problems I have had was the battery switch falling apart after six months, had to replace all the cheap switches and the compass fell apart.
  3. mustang190

    Post Micheal

    Has anyone been doing much fishing either off shore or inshore? Any news on the movement or destruction of reefs and flats? There must be a considerable number of boats and debris littering the coastal and bay waters. I have found several submerged docks in St.Andrews bay. And still a few boats stranded on Shell Island. I have no idea why these come out sideways?
  4. mustang190

    Electrical wiring question

    My 2 cents,,,,,, find and use commercial marine switches. Don't skimp on this. They may not look as sexy as the ones used on rec. boats but they last. And being a open boat like yours you will appreciate it in a couple of years.
  5. mustang190

    Life jacket storage 22te

    I guess you could always lash yourself to the bag??😳
  6. mustang190

    2200TRS and AmeraTrail trailer bunks????

    I'm thinking of doing the same, installing a thru hull like the one you have. Currently using a transom mount. How does it read at high speed? and turns?
  7. mustang190

    2200TRS and AmeraTrail trailer bunks????

    Never let a thru hull transducer or a fitting for that matter rest on any bunk. You are asking for trouble.
  8. mustang190

    Starboard trim tab not working

    The switch contacts are dirty. Take the switch apart and clean the contacts and spray some CRC electrical contact cleaner.
  9. mustang190

    What did you do to your boat today?

    On the early morning of October 10, I tried to close off all the seacocks to allow the boat to fill with rainwater. I had to use a hammer and pipe to close them!! I recommend exercising all valves and seacocks on a regular basis!! yes the pathfinder survived 120+ winds with minimal damage, mostly shingles striking the hull leaving scratches and tar marks.
  10. mustang190

    Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    Got a harbor freight near by? They sell a small gear puller that fits perfectly for about $6. Had to use it on my boat too. Make sure you put some anti-seize on both the shaft and nut when you reinstall .
  11. mustang190

    New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    You will also notice a difference in performance when you get around 20 hours on it. I have a 3 blade prop and have no problems. Good hole shot and a nice gas sipping cruise at 32 knots.
  12. mustang190

    Fix for switches that fall apart

    I replaced all of the ones on my boat. Found a place out in Seattle. They are commercial grade marine switches. And were only around $8 a each. https://m.go2marine.com/controller?f=389505F&catPath=All+Products%2Fc_Toggle+and+Rocker+Switches
  13. mustang190

    Trailer fail

    Hub does not need to lock up to shear or break the studs. I had both wheels come off on a tanker trailer I was pulling up in Kentucky a couple years ago. The lug nuts were loose and after around a couple thousand miles they started coming off and the wheel vibration snapped all 10 of the studs off. Luckily both wheels went their separate way and off into the woods.
  14. mustang190

    Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Another good read is "I Take This Land" by Richard Powell
  15. mustang190

    looking for a new tackle box

    I gave up on those soft side tackle boxes and went back to the Plano plastic guide box. Fits in the forward storage and stays dry.