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  1. woops... forgot the disclaimer........NO shark or tuna fishing from LT20.......heh heh heh heh
  2. I just did my hatches cheap... took some spooled shark fishing wire.....cut to length........crimped with Tuna fishing crimps on both ends and a loop.....lock washer and nut....and I have hatch cables installed......cost me nothing and my hatches stay up now when I need them to.......LOL......
  3. Jack plate coming off transom!

    the 5200 quick dry is even better. You can get tubes of it for a caulking gun at LOWES... reasonably priced. if you dont use the whole tube, squeeze out a little form the end and let it dry. It will seal itself and hold for storage for a later use.....
  4. Jack plate coming off transom!

    ditto on new lock washers.....they should not loosen. 5200 is great stuff.....
  5. Jack plate coming off transom!

    I'm not a mechanic or expert......I just have my motor off a weekend or two ago to raise the motor on the mounting holes...... Pull the motor off the jack plate, take jackplate off, slide bolts out.......see how bad.....its probably not as bad as you think, Dry out the transom near holes if needed, fill with 5200, let set a bit.....re-mount jackplate with large large washers or plates....... Tighten up good and use new lock washers.....Re-mount motor and go fishing...... This assumes the holes are not worked out large enough that you need glass work and re-drill to bolt hole size.......
  6. LT20 cover

    any chance you have a photo with the cover on?
  7. LT 20 & Jack Plate

    the porpoising is USER generated....its an effect of trimming too high on any boat. I can get her porpoising any time I want, but it is user generated. I did have the seacock closed, so the live well was empty. I will try that this weekend. The setup in my opinion needs more leverage at the stern. When the motor was mounted all the way down, I had more leverage and was able to hold the bow up longer before it dropped at WOT. A stern lifting prop will not help the situation. Bow lifting is needed with cup and rake. The prop I have has cup and rake and porting. 3 blade. PTZ 3R17PCLYX200, port 5/16”
  8. LT 20 & Jack Plate

    there is a sweet spot with the LT........with the 150 so far, its 30-35 mph with light trim.....any more trim and we have a porpoise fest and yard sale like you mentioned. She cruises wonderfully at that speed, but I want the nose up at full throttle and 42 mph if needed. Right now the bow is flatt on the water at 42mph. If I went to a four blade, I would have to go down from a 17 pitch I suspect. 4 blades will give me more grip, but will take a few MPH away... and RPMS. I went with the 3 blade to get my rpms up. 5300rpms at WOT. The guy who had it before me had a 21pitch on there and was lugging the motor at 4600RPM WOT. I suspect a good 3 blade with more cup and rake may be the answer and coupled with a jack plate to change the balance of the hull. The prop I have on there now is from Marcus (Funky Monkey). I have an email in to him, but he has not responded.
  9. LT 20 & Jack Plate

    thanks for making me drool all over the image you posted with the 200vmax......LOL..... Is that a CMC jack plate? what is the set back? The Jack plate I was going to buy off craigslist was sold out from under me....argh....... are you able to keep the nose up even at higher to WOT speeds? When I get on plane, I trim up until I feel the hull go loose.......If I then put the throttle down , the bow slams back down to the surface. I am trying to get the setup so the bow will remain up at higher speeds......thoughts other than a 200hp motor dynoed to 300hp....LOL
  10. LT 20 & Jack Plate

    were you able to keep the bow up at WOT? I get spray at WOT in front of or in line with the center console. At lower speeds I can keep the bow up and the spray is behind me.
  11. LT20 Cave plate still burried

    There must be a way. Maybe one of the moderators will jump in here with some knowledge? I wonder what a reverse wedge would do? Crust side of the pizza wedge at the lower end of hull? Dang, now I am hungry
  12. LT20 Cave plate still burried

    yup, trimmed up. I can only see the last 3 inches of the cav plate.......the front half of the plate is burried Also, raising the motor, I may have lost some bow iift.......Before I lifted the motor and after, once I exceed 30-35 with this hull, the bow slams down.......and stays there. This may just be the dynamics of this hull? It may not be made to have bow lift at 40-45 mph? thoughts? I need more bow lift.......having the engine mounted low, I think forced more bow lift (leverage).... Rnning a pwertec 3 blade with light cup.....and rake....
  13. LT20 Cave plate still burried

    Anyone have any thoughts...... Running a yamaha 150 2 stroke on a 95 hewes. Pulled the motor yesterday to raise the motor. Was at bolt hole #1 (lowest setting). I raised the motor to the 3rd hole.. the cavitation plate is still burried......I'm not sure moving to the 4th bolt hole will get the cavitation plate at the water line at WOT.......Looks like I need over an inch to get there. If a jack plate is not recommended for this hull, how did everyone get the proper mounting height for this hull / cavitation plate level? Two guys were in the boat.....200lber driving and one hanging over the stern looking.... I dont usually have the extra 200lber hanging over the transom (may have a little effect on testing). The water line at WOT is just above the step on the hull. thoughts anyone?
  14. Swivel Rod holder

    we took a 600lb 98" bluefin tuna on a 50 wide last season and 130lb test......we became one with the drag settings.........LOL. 7hrs......to tail wrap...........fish and fisherman took a beating......... I have a buddy who owns a metal shop.......I could get a large plate for the underside to distribute pressure....... Thanks for response - will send photos when happens M@
  15. Swivel Rod holder

    nobody touching this post with a 10 foot pole eh? must be some shark hunters down outside of Miami? no?