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  1. Geaux Time

    freshwater bite?

    Hey guys, looking to wet a line this weekend (I know, weather/wind will be an issue). It’s my only chance in quite some time. Got the boat running again after some repairs. Anybody hit the St Johns or its tributaries for bass/crappie lately. Particularly interested in the crappie bite. Also, I’ve never been to the stick marsh. Have any of you fished there recently and if so, how’s the bite? Thanks in advance. Scott
  2. Geaux Time

    Fall Choko trip

    Is Choko pass marked from the tip of the island to the gulf? I can see a few markers near the island on google earth but not further west. Also, if any of you have used the navionics app, is it somewhat accurate?
  3. Geaux Time

    Fall Choko trip

    Thanks as always guys. Your input means a lot. We fished artificials 80% of the time on the last trip and did well. We happened upon a school of white bait on the last day of the trip and crushed the fish after filling the live well. Snook, redfish, even hooked a jewfish. As he trip gets closer I’ll touch base with you all to see if you will be around that week. Be nice to put a face with the names and reports I read. Scott
  4. Geaux Time

    Fall Choko trip

    Thanks, I appreciate the insight. I checked out the chip online. Don’t think it will work with my little Garmin. Very cool and could see how it would be priceless though. We did a lot of exploring on the last trip but never put ourselves in a bad situation. Very cautious to say the least. Worst experience we had was running on the outside (due to low tide and not knowing the backside shallows) from Pavillion Key back to Indian Key pass during a thunderstorm. Got beat up pretty good in the skiff
  5. Geaux Time

    Fall Choko trip

    Is Choko pass marked at all? Also, can it be navigated in a flats boat at low tide? Google earth shows somewhat of a winding channel until you get to the deeper water part of the pass. You guys that have put your time in there would know best. I def would want to follow someone out the first day to get the tracks on my gps
  6. Hi Guys, I’m doing another trip to the area this fall (October). I did the trip back in 2011 and really enjoyed it. We stayed at Rod and Gun at the time. I am looking to stay at a different place this time that has a kitchen so we don’t have to eat out every evening. I see a few places on vrbo that have what we need. Local information is always best so I’m hoping you guys can give us some recommendations. I saw Glades Haven...but am wondering how easy the pass out of choko is at low tide Leaving the boat in the water and leaving out of Indian Key pass each day was really easy last time. Hoping for something just as easy this go round. Thanks as always
  7. I’ve got the 54” shaft on my i pilot. Like others said, it comes in handy when you’re bouncing up and down in an inlet etc. 24v should be plenty. I recently put one in my 16ft Bayfisher. I put the spot lock on in heavy current at Sebastian Inlet. It worked great. I have my batteries mounted in the center console under the steering column
  8. Geaux Time


    Tomoka was not a bad experience. Sites are a bit close to each other and pretty level. We were in a tent on Thanksgiving weekend so it was really crowded. If using a pop up, try to get a larger site. Roads are not paved so it gets quite dusty. Brought the boat and boat parking was in a separate lot. The basin area and river was nice. If you have kayaks or canoe, I would suggest that rather than boat for fishing across from the camp store area. Really shallow over oyster bars. Showers were ok, but like I said, it was holiday weekend so it was rammed with people
  9. Geaux Time

    Battery selection for TM

    I'll go to their website to check out that charger. Do you know off hand whether you can run a three bank and link the cranking battery up to it as well?
  10. Geaux Time

    Battery selection for TM

    Thanks All. Yes, it says for "best results" use batt with at least 105ah rating. Guess I'll go with group 24 or 27 AGMs. My plan is to also install an on board charger as well so I'm not lugging them around before and after a trip to charge them. Appreciate the help as always!
  11. Geaux Time

    Battery selection for TM

    Thanks! Next question...the manual states to use any lead acid battery with at least a 105amp hr rating. Since I'm using a 24V system, will two group 24's each having a 75amp hr rating suffice? I quickly browsed online and it looks like the group 24's and 27's go up to 90-100amp hr rating. Saw some 31's with 105amp hr. That is a BIG battery. Hard to imagine I would need two of those guys for an iPilot 70lb TM?? Also, I know AGMs have been discussed on here frequently but there seems to not be a consensus on their use for TMs. It's still lead acid correct?
  12. Geaux Time

    Battery selection for TM

    Might be a silly question but I don't know the answer. I am getting ready to install a new to me trolling motor. I'm upgrading to a 24V unit. I have a dual purpose group 27 battery that I was using for my old 12V trolling motor. Can I keep this one and just add another smaller group 24 battery next to it? I have Hobo's diagram that I will follow when I wire everything up. Just not sure about diff battery sizes and how or if that makes a difference. Thanks to all
  13. Geaux Time

    Changing from 12v to 24v trolling motor

    Hey guys, I'm doing the same project. I have a question regarding the on board charger. My boat is kept outside, sometimes covered and sometimes not. Is there a possibility that the charger and batts in the console will get too hot if kept plugged in to maintain a good charge? Also, have any of you put a plug/outlet from the charger on the side of your console to plug an extension cord into?
  14. Geaux Time

    16 Bayfisher Speeds?

    I have a 90 2 stroke. Not sure of the prop pitch etc. I'll take a look this week and let you know
  15. Geaux Time

    16 Bayfisher Speeds?

    I have the same rig and I max at about 35-36 on a slick day
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