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  1. Cracker H

    **2005 Maverick Master Angler w/F150 275 hours**

    Thanks...she went to the right guy for sure!!! Many years of enjoyment to you
  2. Cracker H

    **2005 Maverick Master Angler w/F150 275 hours**

    Hey guys I have someone that is driving to see it and potentially buy today. I will keep you posted.
  3. I have a 2005 Maverick MA 18.5 that has only 275 hours on boat and motor. The boat is in excellent condition and it is kept covered. Included is a 2018 Owens and Sons trailer that was built for the boat. Also included is 24v trolling motor. I have spent time going thru the boat and making sure everything is in great shape. I have had the fuel tank pressure tested and cleaned, new nav lights, new livewell pumps, a new set of cushions for bench seat and center console seat with logos, new seadek under gunwale rod holder, new fuel filter and stainless bracket, fabricated new handle pulls for hatches, new soft draw rubber latches, new end caps and seals installed for Sea Star Steering.The motor has had the harmonic balancer changed out a few years ago and runs great. Has a Garmin 541 and a new standard horizon VHF. $25,500...No brokers or low ballers Boat is located in St. Pete, FL
  4. Thanks...I got a piece on the way!
  5. I have a 2005 18.5 MA that I need to replace the gasket seal for console door. I have looked on McMasters, but can't seem to located the console door seal. Anyone know where I can buy or locate some? The gasket on my boat has a small plastic T with bulb on top. Any help is appreciated. Chris
  6. Cracker H

    Fly Rod Reel Combo For Sale 12wt

    Where are you located?
  7. Cracker H

    Theft deterrents

    This is what I just got to secure my boat and trailer. It's made well and is easy to install and remove. https://equipmentlock.com/product/heavy-duty-wheel-lock/
  8. Cracker H

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    I checked my 18.5 MA and it has the stringers all the way to the transom...Its a 2005.
  9. Cracker H

    birdsall backrest

    I like set up. How high is the backrest cushion off of the deck?
  10. Dang....got me too!
  11. Cracker H

    WTB small flats boat

    You can change that Yamaha 115 to a 130 pretty easy. My buddy has that exact boat with a 130 Yamaha and it runs 51mph and those motors are some of the best that Yamaha has made. That one looks really clean. Good luck with the search!
  12. Cracker H

    Cast Net Recommendation

    I’ve got a Tim Wade 10’ net and it’s a great net, but the warranty on the Barracuda net is impressive and I’ll be trying their net soon. I spoke to a person at Barracuda and they informed me they also have a Guide Program.
  13. Cracker H

    What's Really Important In Life..........

    Congrats. Something to be proud of for sure.
  14. Cracker H

    18.5" Master Angler Livewell Question

    Thanks for the info.