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  1. Looking to see who makes this backrest..

    Nag, is the backrest removable?
  2. Any chance of doing this again?
  3. 76/ 65

    Right on! Nice work
  4. 2006 18 Master angler (18500)

  5. Where to get non-skid gel coat redone?

    I appreciate the info...I don't want to paint...I know it's cheaper, but cost isn't the only factor. I'd rather pay to have it done the way it came from the factory.
  6. Where can I get all of the non-skid re gel coated? Boat is 18' Master Angler and I'm in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Also, any rough idea of the cost? Thanks
  7. WTB 18' Maverick Master Angler

    Increased price range...if someone's got one or knows someone with a low hour Master Angler let me know.
  8. WTB 18' Maverick Master Angler

  9. WTB 18' Maverick Master Angler

    Looking for a very clean 18' Master Angler. 2000 and newer with less than 500 hours preferred, but will look at older boats if they are very clean. Ready to buy...Price range is 15k-25k.
  10. WTB Hewes Light Tackle 20

    Looking for 2000 or newer and in excellent condition.