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  1. T Top or no T Top

    What is the ballpark pricing on the Tuuci, I assume 1200-1700?
  2. Prop for 23hps

    Sir, that is the badassest 23 I have seen.
  3. Prop for 23hps

    ChrisB, sick boat.... I like the color scheme and how you removed the red SHO decal on the motor. I have a simlar scheme in production and thinking of removing the SHO sticker as well or replacing it with something that will accent the whisper grey deck. Congrats on the boat.
  4. AmeraTrail trailer question

    It's a plastic bunk cover made by Loadrite, Ameritrail installed them on my HPX trailer instead of the carpet. https://www.loadrite.com/store/home.php?cat=280
  5. AmeraTrail trailer question

    I agree with linesider, attached are pics of my new Sport Trail and show the what linesider is referring to.
  6. Quality Speaker Suggestions

  7. Trolling Motor Purchase Decision

    Smith Marine in Ft. Myers would be the local warranty shop for both the MG and MK. Craig Smith is the owner. Address: 2420 Concorde Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33901 Phone:(239) 939-5776
  8. New Seats and Backrest for HPX 17

    I have removable bucket seats for when the wife goes out. When the seats are installed we have full access to all hatches. If interested I can post a few pics. We have not had issues with rust on the brackets in the 3 years we have used them.
  9. Panama City Redfish Trip

    Great pics
  10. Mogan's 18 HPX

    Here are some pics, enjoy