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  1. Cast Net Recommendation

    Tim Wade nets are my preference.
  2. Thanks for the tease. Any additional information you can share?
  3. Yes, unfortunately I need a swing tongue or it will not fit in the garage.
  4. The thought crossed my mind. The frame is noticeably different, not sure what could be done. If there is no interest over the next few weeks I will inquire to see what the options are to modify the existing set-up.
  5. I have a 2014 Ameri Trail trailer in great condition. Looking to trade plus cash for one with a swing tongue.
  6. Back in an HPX-V

    #'s from yesterday, and I will update within a week after I spin a bravo and trophy 21p 4 blade props I have along with a 3 blade that came with the purchase. Conditions: 10-15 mph winds Prop Merc Tempest + 23p (avg condition w/ 150hrs + on it) Speed: 55mph @ 5200 rpms Factors: topped off fuel tank, 2 passengers (<300lbs combined), 65qt cooler with drinks and ice, empty livewell, 2 rods and extra light gear.
  7. Back in an HPX-V

    Splash down
  8. Marine Stereo setup?

    I agree regarding the JL speakers and JL amp with Bluetooth. That is how my Morada is set up and I couldn't be happier. I had issues with Fusion. I added a volume knob and power toggle switch for an manual override.
  9. Back in an HPX-V

    I agree. Truthfully I was not in the market, but just couldn't pass it up.
  10. Back in an HPX-V

    I'm traveling for work and will report back after the weekend. I have a few different props to try.
  11. Back in an HPX-V

    Thank you, sir! I enjoyed the Morada but the HPX allows me to fish the areas I prefer year round no matter the tide. And that's muy importante......
  12. Back in an HPX-V

    After running an IBW Morada 22 for the past two years, I'm back in my happy place with an HPX-V. My previous HPX-V was a 2013 build that included a 115xs. The new (to me) HPX-V is a 2014 with a 150SHO. I'm happy to be back in the MBG family and look forward to participating in the forum.
  13. T Top or no T Top

    What is the ballpark pricing on the Tuuci, I assume 1200-1700?
  14. Prop for 23hps

    Sir, that is the badassest 23 I have seen.
  15. Prop for 23hps

    ChrisB, sick boat.... I like the color scheme and how you removed the red SHO decal on the motor. I have a simlar scheme in production and thinking of removing the SHO sticker as well or replacing it with something that will accent the whisper grey deck. Congrats on the boat.