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    24 TRS Pathfinder gets me almost anywhere I want to go. I love this boat.
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  1. 25 Hybird 2018

    No, but has plenty of room.
  2. 25 Hybird 2018

    Still available.
  3. 25 Hybird 2018

    Added a few drone pics.
  4. 25 Hybird 2018

    Price change.
  5. 25 Hybird 2018

    2018 25 Hybrid Pathfinder 300 Yamaha warranty till 3 years from now. Command Link Plus LCD gauge Hydraulic Steering 15x20 Yamaha prop SWS II SDS Custom T-Top with spreader lights and rod holders, Two spreader lights, front and rear, each on its own switch . The signature design to allow easy in and out of all your rods. Gelcoat matched removable seat/cooler with cushion Livewell aeration system with Bubbler in Leaning post Fish box pump out with macerator Swim platform with ladder Leaning post livewell with cushion and backrest AmeriaTrail trailer with Black mag aluminum wheels, and extra wheel. Kodiak Stainless Steel Calibers and brakes 2 - 10ft Blade PowerPole 2 Extra rod holders on gunwales Rodholders on backrest 4 drink holders Advanced Bubbler Aeration system Springline cleat option 4 Interstate batteries Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 112 / i-Pilot GPSMAP® 7612xsv - SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping with GT51M-TM transducer up grade with Panoptix LiveScope™ System 010-01864-00 (An awesome feature) Keeped inside of garage. Total hours as of 10-1 – 389hrs Asking $84,000
  6. 2500 Hybrid

    jchern. PM sent
  7. 2500 Hybrid

    I am selling mine next month. 2018 model. It will be about 11 months old. The best bay boat ever. Love it, and ordering another one.
  8. 2500 Hybrid

    Im in Vero, and fish Ft. Pierce all the time. Anytime you want a ride. Just call me. 772-532-6174
  9. 2500 Hybrid

    Runs great offshore. 2 to 3 and some 4 footers is no problem. Got caught in 4 to 6, and it wasn't bad, just took longer to get in. Take a ride in one, and you will see for yourself that it acts like a much bigger boat, but still a bay boat. Great over all performance.
  10. 2500 trailer tires

    They are first class.
  11. 2500 trailer tires

    I have the same thing with no issues. My transom lines up with the transom straps. Maybe a touch back of them if anything. If yours is the same, I still think its alignment. Maybe wrong, but if set up like mine than that's the only difference that it could be. Not saying anything, just saying.
  12. 2500 trailer tires

    I think you have an alignment issue with the axles.
  13. 2500 Trailer Noise

    Mine does and it never really changes. The back and forward noise will always be there, some more than others.
  14. Rhodan

    Anyone having any luck with the Rhodan trolling motor? Good or bad?
  15. It's not so much who has the better trailer. The trailer companies don't make the tires and wheels, don't make the nuts and bolts, don't make the aluminum beams, and so on. They put all the parts together how they see fit. Do they weld the pieces or bolt them on? Is there one, two, three, or more cross members? Are the bunks 2x4's, 2x6's, or bigger? Sure, every trailer is a little different, and some ride a little better, and some are made a little heavy duty with a little more attention to detail, but over all, when you look at them, they all are built about the same. I think the biggest issue with every trailer out there, is how you take care of it. All trailers will get corrosion and all of them don't like to be dipped in saltwater all the time. If you do nothing, the trailer will soon give you problems. If you treat it nicely, and give it the attention that it needs, it will treat you back nicely. Sharkhide is great, and with good corrosion spray you can make the trailer last for a good amount of time. One important thing to do, is to treat the trailer with the items, before it even hits the water. Makes a big difference.