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    24 TRS Pathfinder gets me almost anywhere I want to go. I love this boat.
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  1. It's not so much who has the better trailer. The trailer companies don't make the tires and wheels, don't make the nuts and bolts, don't make the aluminum beams, and so on. They put all the parts together how they see fit. Do they weld the pieces or bolt them on? Is there one, two, three, or more cross members? Are the bunks 2x4's, 2x6's, or bigger? Sure, every trailer is a little different, and some ride a little better, and some are made a little heavy duty with a little more attention to detail, but over all, when you look at them, they all are built about the same. I think the biggest issue with every trailer out there, is how you take care of it. All trailers will get corrosion and all of them don't like to be dipped in saltwater all the time. If you do nothing, the trailer will soon give you problems. If you treat it nicely, and give it the attention that it needs, it will treat you back nicely. Sharkhide is great, and with good corrosion spray you can make the trailer last for a good amount of time. One important thing to do, is to treat the trailer with the items, before it even hits the water. Makes a big difference.
  2. 2500 hypbrid owners - input requested

    PM sent
  3. Abel finish

    The new tarpon scale finish for Abel reels.
  4. Vroom Vroom... 25 with 400R

    I think the Ships Chandler has that boat.
  5. Boat Garage

  6. My 2500 is out of the mold!

    Looks great!!!
  7. Yeti Bucket

    Who is going to buy the Yeti bucket for $40? If you are, please state why, and how it is better than a normal 5 gallon bucket.
  8. iCAST 2017

    Saturday your out of luck. Not open
  9. iCAST 2017

    All three days for me.
  10. Today is a good day !

    Mine also is 10'6"
  11. Looking to ride a 2500 Hybrid

    Come over to the plant, see them getting built, and at the same time I can meet you at the ramp with mine. Almost any day you need, I can do it. Call me with any questions or anything else. I'm glad to help out in any way. Great boat. I love mine. 772-532-6174.
  12. Shark Hide

    Great stuff. Use it on all my trailers. Water beads right off. Older trailers should use the cleaner first. Cotton baby diapers are what you should use.
  13. Today is a good day !

    Great choice. I love mine. When I sell mine toward the end of the year, I will certainly buy another. If you need any questions answered from someone who has one, don't hesitate to call. I'll help out anyway I can. 772-532-6174. Once again, great boat.
  14. Traveling with push pole

    I zip tie the pole to the holers.
  15. Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    Mine is on the floor of my console of the 25 Hybrid. I didn't mount it, just wedged into a spot to see if it worked, before I drilled holes. Works fine. Not moving, so I'll just let it be.