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  1. Convertible13

    farewell Abbey

    Prayers being sent. So sorry.
  2. Convertible13

    Garmin charting

    Garmin better do something quickly and in a big way to catch up. I’m jumping ship the next time I buy a gps/fish finder and I’ve had Garmin on my boats for years. One of those screen shots looks like a kid did it with a coloring book.
  3. Convertible13

    Original Hewes decal removal

    Shop around before buying the 3M eraser wheel. Advanced Auto has them but they’re $42.00. You can get them a lot cheaper elsewhere.
  4. Convertible13

    Flip up anchor light repair

    I bought another Hella flip up light a year ago and it’s already shot. I’ve thought about putting a light pole in the back of my MA 21 like bass boats use. With the light on the console, it screws up my night vision because it’s glaring right in front left of me.
  5. Convertible13

    Chassahowitzka river questions

    I use my trolling motor almost everywhere outside the main channel. Fishing can be really great.
  6. Convertible13

    Water tight fitting for transducer cable through console?

    Mar 9, 2019 at 3:48 PM.pdfBlue Seas waterproof cable clams work for me.
  7. Convertible13

    Question about batteries and charger

    If the boat was set up by Maverick, could you call and ask them?
  8. Convertible13

    SeaDek install in the morning

    Looks great!
  9. Convertible13

    Quality control! Highly concerned..

    I have a MA 21 so I don’t follow the Pathy posts.
  10. Convertible13

    Quality control! Highly concerned..

    If you go to the vintage Maverick forum and look under the topic “2002 21MA Repower/Reno” you’ll find some of the same issues.
  11. Convertible13


    I use Starbrite hull cleaner. Works in seconds.
  12. Convertible13

    1999 21' Maverick Master Angler Specs

    If you go to the Maverick boat part of this forum and look under Maverick product info, you can find archived brochures, wiring diagrams, etc.
  13. Convertible13

    21 MA

    I have one and they’re great boats but they had stringer issues and problems with using putty to help support the cap. Check out the 2000 MA stringer repair thread problems whichwaysup posted in the General section of this site. It’s an eye opener.
  14. Convertible13

    Trailer Advice

    I have a MA 21. My previous trailer did what yours did. I had the brakes removed and never had a problem. I have an F-150 Fx4. I will say my new trailer has brakes.
  15. Convertible13

    Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    St. Augustine. Oldest continually lived in city in the US. Cobblestone streets in the old section, a Spanish fort, plenty of restaurants and bars, Flagler buildings, etc.
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