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  1. Cleaning/Waxing

    I use Starbrite hull cleaner. Works in seconds.
  2. 1999 21' Maverick Master Angler Specs

    If you go to the Maverick boat part of this forum and look under Maverick product info, you can find archived brochures, wiring diagrams, etc.
  3. 21 MA

    I have one and they’re great boats but they had stringer issues and problems with using putty to help support the cap. Check out the 2000 MA stringer repair thread problems whichwaysup posted in the General section of this site. It’s an eye opener.
  4. Trailer Advice

    I have a MA 21. My previous trailer did what yours did. I had the brakes removed and never had a problem. I have an F-150 Fx4. I will say my new trailer has brakes.
  5. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    St. Augustine. Oldest continually lived in city in the US. Cobblestone streets in the old section, a Spanish fort, plenty of restaurants and bars, Flagler buildings, etc.
  6. Beach Snook

    Haven’t used that but Norm Zeiglers schminnow works.
  7. New MBG Facility

    Any chance a small part of that shed will be used to manufacture replacement parts for older Maverick boats?
  8. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    The NRA issued a statement saying Yeti is lying. Should get interesting. Thank Heavens I drink too fast to require a special mug. I don’t know how blowing up coolers hurts Yeti. They already have your money. Glad I bought Engel.
  9. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    80 on my MA 21 and it works great. I think an RF is lighter
  10. Where do I get started ?

    It' called Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting.
  11. Where do I get started ?

    Lefty Kreh put out a great video on fly casting. He might be the best caster there is. I saw him shoot a line 80 feet with only half a fly rod.
  12. Bigger bilge access hatches

    Man, that looks nice. What did you use to cut the fiberglass? I need to do that on my MA 21.
  13. The final boat accessory!

    I just bought one to put next to my $40.00 Yeti bucket.
  14. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    Pm sent. Thanks!
  15. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    If you're just starting out, I wouldn't buy a stiff, fast action rod until you're comfortable casting. A rod with more flex will allow you to feel the rod load more easily, which makes learning to cast easier. See if you can try some demos at your local fly shop. I haven't been in too many fly shops where they weren't extremely helpful in trying to find what works best for you.