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  1. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    80 on my MA 21 and it works great. I think an RF is lighter
  2. Where do I get started ?

    It' called Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting.
  3. Where do I get started ?

    Lefty Kreh put out a great video on fly casting. He might be the best caster there is. I saw him shoot a line 80 feet with only half a fly rod.
  4. Bigger bilge access hatches

    Man, that looks nice. What did you use to cut the fiberglass? I need to do that on my MA 21.
  5. The final boat accessory!

    I just bought one to put next to my $40.00 Yeti bucket.
  6. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    Pm sent. Thanks!
  7. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    If you're just starting out, I wouldn't buy a stiff, fast action rod until you're comfortable casting. A rod with more flex will allow you to feel the rod load more easily, which makes learning to cast easier. See if you can try some demos at your local fly shop. I haven't been in too many fly shops where they weren't extremely helpful in trying to find what works best for you.
  8. Today in MBG History!

    The Mens Life article claiming a 18 foot Redfisher was one of the top 10 things a man should own?
  9. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    The reel is good and Orvis has a great warrantee program. I don' know anything about their Clearwater rods but for that money, I'd also look into TFO fly rods. I have a couple 8 weights and they'e great rods for the money.
  10. Which side to mount t.m. on

    What he said. You can GOOGLE your MA to find out where the plate is. On my MA 21, my trolling motor gets in the way of the front hatch when the motor is stowed.
  11. 2002 21MA Repower/Reno

    Congrats on the Rehab! Beautiful job. I have a 2002 MA 21 and I keep waiting for my stringers to go or my deck to start cracking more than it is already. Lol
  12. Marpac shark eye measurements

    Thanks. Just ordered a pair.
  13. Marpac shark eye measurements

    Does anyone know the distance between the screw holes on Marpac led shark eye nav lights? I'm looking to replace my original bulb lights and no company on the Internet I've contacted knows or will find one to measure. Thanks!
  14. TM battery question

    24 v
  15. Live well strainer

    It's under Pathfinder gear.